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Setién, about Rodrigo Moreno: “He is an extraordinary footballer”

first_imgIt is not a test. It was a plan for that match. The other day we realized that we do not explain certain things well and it helps us to improve when we do it again. But it doesn’t mean we always do it. Then we change. There will be matches that will not be won in the 10th or 20th minute, but will be won in the 80s because we wear out the opponent.Does Valencia change with Rodrigo Moreno?He is an extraordinary footballer that can complicate any team. I would have preferred not to play. Valencia’s level is high with or without Rodrigo.How do you see Riqui Puig?There are very interesting things that do them well and others that should improve. It is a process in which we will help you. It will happen to us all.Can Griezmann be the 9th of Barça?It is an option. We don’t have a specific player now, but his alternative is good. It helped us a lot and we value it. It is unchecked well and band falls.Is tomorrow a great test?My first big exam was Granada, the one in Ibiza was great and I don’t expect less from tomorrow and so on from then on. I know that we have not lost there for years and as an entity we face one of the best possible rivals. There is an exam every day.Do you have more work than you expected?There are concepts to integrate in the head of the players who give work. We work in that sense, but the players are intelligent and learn fast. Everyone has to think like one and that is the problem. It depends a lot on what one does about what others do.Have you seen improvement in output and pressure?They are unquestionably very important concepts. We have to manage the ball and not raffle it. We work in this direction to give more fluidity to the exit and there are times where it costs us.What concept is the most difficult for players to understand?We work hard on pressure after loss. There are times when we do not do well. When we face high level teams they can get out of our pressure. We need you to read it well. Is not easy. It is a part, but we will adjust it.Do you value keeping Abel Ruiz in the first team?You will take surprises. There are players who will train and disappear and vice versa. I want to meet everyone. Today Collado comes because Riqui is sick. Everyone will have a choice.What position do you want for Arturo Vidal?I want full players to do many things, even those that I don’t ask for. As an interior you have to be intelligent and know how to measure when to arrive or defend. To be associated.Has the clash with reality been different from what I expected to do?I have not patched. I have done what I wanted by developing the game plans. We are getting to know the players and I am very happy with how the events are going. What goes wrong is because of ignorance or because it is not easy to interpret what I ask of the players. Everything will flow much better. Victories will help us in confidence. Quique Setién appeared in the press room in the previous match against Valencia of a new day of LaLiga Santander. The Cantabrian coach also analyzed the confrontation of Copa del Rey against the Leganés, spoke of transfer market and the importance of getting all three points against one of the strongest rivals in the championship.Is Valencia the most difficult test so far? It is true that whenever a team like Valencia loses the previous game, they get more incentive. I wait for the best rival. It is a great team and it will make it very difficult for us. It will be a level test. Perhaps we can do more damage because they will attack more and we will take advantage of the spaces we did not have before.Is the team far from what it projects?I don’t have that feeling, every game has its peculiarities. In Ibiza we were not well and we have to improve, but in the previous one we were well. We needed to define. We did many things that were already done and saw them during much of the game.If you don’t sign a nine, do you have enough staff to aspire to all three titles?I don’t value it now. Barça is a great team that must compete to win everything. The lesions are not controlled, but they influence. It is convenient to be prepared in case it happens.Does Leganes and Levante at home in a week reassure?Definitely. Not traveling is an advantage. Considering the rivals that could have touched could be a problem as seen in the last round.What needs to be done to generate more danger?In the first we generated, but the goals did not enter. We generate enough, I think. They defended well. In Ibiza it was different, it was special. Artificial grass influences and they delivered a lot and we were not inspired. I am sure that we will generate, to see if we have the success of marking.Do you like Rodrigo Moreno?I like all the great players.Do you grab the results to keep the engine running?In Ibiza I got a fat scare, why lie. Players must understand the details for changes to occur. That will not take us much time, but I know that there are people who are result regardless of how they earn. It seems good to me, but there is another one that will see if the team deserves to win or not. You have to value the way.Was the Ibiza system a test?last_img read more

The renewal of Roberto Martínez with Belgium advances

first_imgThe Belgian Football Federation holds the Spanish coach in high esteem. In fact, The great key to the renewal is the trust they have placed in him not only to continue leading the Red Devils to the Qatar World Cup, but also to continue structuring the country’s soccer. The top managers at the football level in Belgium have opted with everything for Roberto Martínez to continue with the numerous projects of general organization, renovation of infrastructures and development of quarries.Still no dealFrom both sectors of the negotiation, however, they deny AS that the deal is closed. “We are still talking and there is nothing signed. The Belgian press, as usual, wants to go faster than what actually happens,” explains a federative source of the highest rank. “It is still premature”, transmits another participant in the operation. But, at the same time, those involved neither want nor can hide that the resolution is very close. Roberto Martínez’s renewal with Belgium has entered its final stretch, as AS has learned. The final agreement has not yet been reached, but there has been significant progress and it is even expected that an announcement can be made in the next week. The technician ends his contract on June 30 and the new commitment would be until the conclusion of the 2022 World Cup, in December of that same year.This newspaper already reported on March 24 that the feelings about the enlargement were very good on both sides. However, the coronavirus paused the talks, which have resumed faster recently. The coach will receive a significant salary increase, although the decisive factor to finish the deal will be the project.last_img read more

LGC struggling to implement CoI recommendations

first_imgDear Editor,It has been since November 2018 that the former Chancellor and retired Judge submitted to the Local Government Commission, his findings from a much need Commission of Inquiry that he carried out into the operations of City Hall. Yet, hardly anything has been done so far to implement the very worthwhile recommendations of this report.It would appear as though for some odd reason, the Local Government Commission (LGC) is struggling to implement these recommendations and one has to wonder whether it is because of slothfulness, ineptitude and negligence or whether it is deliberate, contemptuous and politically driven.With the exception of one ineluctable dismissal and a vague undertaking to have the Police investigate the possible tort of malfeasance by this individual, the public has not seen nor heard of anything else since from this well-accommodated, well-staffed and well-equipped commission, except for as the boys would say ‘some jan jat’ about their salaries and emoluments being withheld by the Communities Ministry, which brings into question the true independence of this constitutional body.But of utmost worry to the citizenry is as to whether the Chairman and Commissioners are aware of the susceptibility, the chaos and the continued malpractices they are allowing to continue at City Hall as a result of their foot dragging.Do they expect the auditors, the Police and SOCU to find incriminating evidence, any flawed records or any other signs of the massive corruption that was gleaned from the CoI, when they finally get there? The many culprits that were found by the CoI to be guilty of not working in the best interest of the city, of incompetence, of dereliction of duty, gross misconduct, abuse of office, recklessness, dishonesty, conspiracy, and misappropriation of funds, would be rather foolish not to have doctored and destroyed the implicating evidence all these months that they were not sent on administrative leave but rather allowed to sit at their desks and carry on business as usual.These recalcitrant officers of the Georgetown Municipality are all being given a ‘Get out of Jail Free’ card by the Local Government Commission who are just pussyfooting around whilst being an additional financial burden to the taxpayers of Guyana. This is unacceptable.Sincerely,Amber Valentinelast_img read more

ICT needed to transform traditional teaching techniques – Granger

first_imgPresident David Granger emphasised the need to connect every school in the country through Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in order to transform the traditional teaching techniques into modern methods that can significantly boost the level of education being offered to students.He reiterated this message during a recent interview on the Public Interest, which was inkeeping with the theme of Education Month.President David GrangerThe President underscored the need for every child to go to school so as to attain an education – the backbone of any developing society.He noted that while parents have their part to play in ensuring that their children attend school, the government must also live up to its role to ensure the environment and conditions under which children study are conducive.In this regard, the President said his Government is still committed to ensuring that every teacher, upon graduating from the Cyril Potter College of Education (CPCE), leave with a laptop which will aid in bringing ICT to schools nationwide.Last year, the E-governance unit began rolling out Wi-Fi networks in schools and works were to commence to provide Internet access to hinterland and remote areas.Only recently, President Granger pledged an initial $1 million to boost the Berbice High School’s (BHS) computer laboratory as he noted that an education founded in the Sciences, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) subjects is key to innovation and transformation of the country.But while the President has been placing significant emphasis on the importance of education, the unemployment rate of the country continues to soar.In fact, a large number of educated/qualified persons continue to struggle to find jobs commensurate with their qualifications.Just on Sunday, Guyana Times featured a 19-year-old Communication Studies student who has been struggling to find a job since graduation from high school several years ago.The teenager wrote a poem in the form of an open letter to the President about the unemployment rate in the country and had implored on the President to take action to address the situation.last_img read more

President unable to say how many jobs created since 2015

first_img…as unemployment soars due to economy’s sluggishnessBy Michael YoungePresident David Granger was unable to say exactly how many jobs his Government has created since taking office back in May 2015, but insisted that a lot has been done to reduce unemployment and create an environment where Guyanese were equipped to enter cottage industries in order to cope economically.President David GrangerGranger said that while he was unable to give the number of jobs created, there was a lot taking place as many programmes have been rolled out to ensure that Guyanese youths have access to jobs as soon as they leave secondary and tertiary institutions.“As far as jobs are concerned, I cannot give a number perhaps the Minister of Business can give a number…but there is a lot of unregistered unemployment,” he remarked as he addressed reporters at the Ministry of the Presidency on Friday.He maintained that his Government has done its best since 2015 to generate more jobs in line with the campaign promise made by the A Partnership for National Unity and Alliance For Change (APNU/AFC) coalition.“The Government is rebalancing the economy through its support of the micro, small and medium-scale enterprise sector, mindful of the SMEs’ potential to generate employment,” he explained.President Granger said in this respect loans and grants have been issued under the Hinterland Employment Youth Scheme (HEYS); the Linden Enterprise Network (LEN); the Micro and Small Enterprise Development (MSED) Project; and Sustainable Livelihoods and Entrepreneurial Development (SLED); Women of Worth (WOW) and the People of Worth Entrepreneurial Resources (POWER) initiatives.He explained that the Government’s policy was to ensure that people have the means to enter the production and manufacturing sectors as a means of creating self-employment not only in far- flung areas but about the city.He took offence to those who were mocking the Government’s drive to create employment by encouraging citizens to start up cottage industries that produce things such as plantain chips and coconut products.“Some people call it the plantain chips economy, but I would like those same people to go to the regional exhibitions which we have been holding around the country and see women coming out of Yupukari…see housewives getting into the micro-economy and you can see that there is something happening in Guyana,” he remarked.“It may start with plantain chip,” he continued before reminding the media that he knew somebody who started off producing fruit juices at Timehri and today those fruit juices are being bottled or boxed as Timehri Orchard Products Company (TOPCO) “…so small things could end up big”.President Granger’s statement on the quantum of employment created by his coalition Government comes against a backdrop where concerns are being raised about the perceived hike in unemployment since 2015. It also comes at a time when citizens are complaining that economic activity in the country has slowed down owing to a lack of confidence in the economy by the local Private Sector and the foreign investors because of the mixed signals being sent by the Administration on a number of fronts.Additionally, youth unemployment and crime have also increased since 2015 with public commentators and experts admonishing the People’s National Congress (PNC)-led APNU/AFC Government to adopt a coherent employment policy, which sees more direct ventures and opportunities being created to boost the economy’s productive sectors and increase jobs. Also, the slowdown in the construction and manufacturing sectors have also negatively affected seasonal jobs as contractors have begun laying off workers who are mostly skilled and semi-skilled young males.President Granger’s comments also come at a time when thousands of sugar workers have had their services terminated or retrenched with no clear policy being articulated with regard to re-employment opportunities.The last population census conducted in September 2012 by the Government pegged the unemployment figure as high as 11.5 representing 30,533 persons.last_img read more

22-goal La Liga hotshot wanted, but Chelsea face defeat in winger chase – transfer latest

first_img 3. Abdul Baba Rahman (Augsburg) – Find out which winger could snub the champions for a move to Manchester United, next… – Cesar Azpilicueta has successfully beaten off competition from Filipe Luis for the left-back spot at Stamford Bridge, with the Brazilian expected to leave the club just one year after joining from Atletico Madrid. As he exits, Jose Mourinho is said to be readying a bid for Baba Rahman, 20, who has starred for Bundesliga overachievers Augsburg. They do, however, face competition from Juventus and Manchester City. 6 6 6 1. Radamel Falcao (Monaco) – He may have been a flop at Manchester United but Chelsea are reportedly keen on bringing in the Colombian striker this summer as they look to replace Didier Drogba. Monaco want Falcao off their wage bill, while the player himself is said to be ready to cut his pay demands to push through a transfer. 4. John Ruddy (Norwich City) – Click on the arrow to find out which Bundesliga starlet is wanted by Jose Mourinho… – Ruddy, Chelsea’s long-term goalkeeping target was thought to be high on the club’s list of players to replace Petr Cech as Thibaut Courtois’ deputy. But, with Norwich securing an immediate return to the Premier League it seems the English shot stopper will star remain at Carrow Road, where he has plied his trade for the last five seasons. 6. Antonio Rudiger (Stuttgart) – Click right to find out which 22-goal La Liga hotshot is wanted by the Blues… – Chelsea are reportedly considering a bid for German international defender Rudiger as they look to bolster their ranks for their Premier League title defence. The 22-year-old, who can play at both right-back and centre-back, helped his side survive the threat of relegation from the Bundesliga on the final day of the season. They won four of their last five matches as he returned to fitness following a knee injury, which occurred last December. 6 2. Nicolas Gaitan (Benfica) – See the Premier League flop who is willing to take a wage cut to join Chelsea by clicking on… – Argentine winger Gaitan has long been wanted by some of Europe’s elite clubs and just when Chelsea thought they might be able to land the Benfica star, it appears they have been pipped to the post by Manchester United, who seem to have trumped them with a £21million bid for his services. 6 6 It’s a lot harder to retain a Premier League title than it is to win one, as Manchester City have found out.Chelsea will now attempt to do this and Jose Mourinho is keen on improving his squad with next season’s Champions League trophy also in his sights.But just who will be winging their way to Stamford Bridge to strengthen the 2014/15 champions? talkSPORT takes a look at the latest rumours.Click the right arrow above, right, to find out who is being linked with a transfer to Chelsea… 5. Antoine Griezmann (Atletico Madrid) – Find out which England international is likely to spurn Chelsea’s advances… – The French forward has been an unmitigated success since his switch to Diego Simeone’s side from Real Sociedad in the summer. He’s scored 22 goals in 37 La Liga matches – the same amount as Neymar, with only Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo netting more. And while Jose Mourinho wants to sign him, Griezmann is reported to be reluctant to leave Atletico when Euro 2016, which will be held in his homeland, is on the horizon. last_img read more

Arsenal and Tottenham go head-to-head as they battle to sign French star

first_img Wissam Ben Yedder in action for Toulouse Arsenal have joined bitter rivals Tottenham in the race for Toulouse hotshot Wissam Ben Yedder.The 25-year-old, who scored 17 goals in 35 Ligue 1 appearances last term, looks set to draw a line under six years with Toulouse this summer.Spurs have been strongly linked with the former France Under-21 international while West Ham are also said to be keeping tabs on his situation.However, according to Canal+, the English club currently heading the queue to sign him is Arsenal.Gunners boss Arsene Wenger is keen to land a new striker this summer to ease the burden on Olivier Giroud and Ben Yedder is the latest to be linked.It has been reported that Arsenal hold a strong interest in the forward, who now has the choice between signing for them or heading to Spain to join Sevilla.Leicester striker Jamie Vardy has already rejected a move to the Emirates this summer while another top target, Gonzalo Higuain, looks set to snub their interest in favour of joining Juventus.And now Ben Yedder must decide whether he wants to try his hand at Arsenal, where he may end up playing second fiddle to Giroud. 1last_img read more


first_imgDonegal Deputy Padraig Mac Lochlainn has written to Health Minister Leo Varadkar demanding an independent inquiry into flooding at Letterkenny General Hospital.Gardai at the latest flooding at Letterkenny General Hospital.The Sinn Fein TD says the public’s confidence in the location, planning and design of the building is “now in shreds.”He said another investigation and remedial action by the HSE is now not good enough. Deputy Mac Lochlainn even suggested points of reference for any inquiry which may be held.He asked Minister Varadkar “I am asking you and your Government colleagues to instigate a full independent inquiry. I believe that the public interest would best be served if this were to be a Commission of Investigation, led by a suitably qualified retired judge with a panel of experts appointed by and available to him or her.”He added that the people of Donegal have been forced to endure a serious curtailment of hospital services as a result of the flooding.The following is the full text of the letter sent by Deputy Mac Lochlainn to Minister Varadkar. Dear Minister Varadkar,As you aware, the site of the medical block at Letterkenny General Hospital with the Accident and Emergency Ward on the ground floor, was flooded again recently for the third time. I understand that it was initially flooded during the construction phase.As you can appreciate, the confidence of the people of Donegal in the location, planning and design of this block is now in shreds. They have also endured the serious curtailment of services, at times, at their hospital as a result. Not to mention the financial cost.Another investigation and remedial action by the HSE will not suffice.I am asking you and your Government colleagues to instigate a full independent inquiry. I believe that the public interest would best be served if this were to be a Commission of Investigation, led by a suitably qualified retired judge with a panel of experts appointed by and available to him or her. In relation to the terms of reference for the investigation, I would suggest the following:That the investigation examine the location, planning and design of the block and review the various flooding incidents that have occurred from the “turning of the sod” through to the present.The investigation must include full access to all data held by the relevant national and local government bodies and building contractors, from incubation, conception, delivery and sign off. This should include access to internal and external recruitment from the HSE for the project management team (office) to ensure that the employees who were in daily control of the project were hired in accordance with the Governments own legislation based on competence, experience and qualifications.At least one member of the expert panel to be appointed should have extensive troubleshooting and multi phased project experience to allow cohesion with the rest of the panel and to clarify on each specialty and areas of difference (an information developer) Full and unrestrictive access to all of the projects communications, electronic, hard copy and data storage to include but not exhaustive of all email and hard copy documents.Entire collection of project/programme controls, monitoring and evaluation, budgets, risk analysis, risk and controls logs, minutes of meetings from both internal, external, multi-tier organisations and internal and external minutes of meetings.The entire collection of ‘Business Case’ management files and the compiled and unedited versions of all of the projects workings.To report back to Government and the Houses of the Oireachtas within a six month period or in a shorter time frame if possible.This is not offered as an exhaustive terms of reference but merely suggestions on my behalf.Minister, I am available to meet with you and discuss these matters at your convenience.Regards,Pádraig Mac Lochlainn TDDonegal North EastMac LOCHLAINN ASKS HEALTH MINISTER TO HOLD INDEPENDENT INQUIRY INTO HOSPITAL FLOODING was last modified: August 12th, 2014 by StephenShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Tags:Deputy Padraig Mac LochlainndonegalHealth Minister Leo Varadkarhopsital floodingletterkennylast_img read more


first_imgMoville GAA News:The senior team are away to Naomh Padraig Muff next Saturday evening in the foyleside derby throw in 6pm. Please come along and show your support. The under 16 boys defeated Glenfin in the under 16 Northern board championship last Wednesday night. The under 14 boys also played Glenfin in the Northern board championship last week. Maurice Harkins boys started slow in the first half but came back strong to outscore Glenfin in the second half but lost out by 6 in the end up. Next up for the under 14s is Carn at home on Friday night.LOTTOThere was no jackpot winner in this week’s lotto but the €50 runners up prize went to John McGeoghan.  This week’s numbers were 3,7,18,19. Next week’s Jackpot €2600. Thank you for your continued support as this is the clubs main source of income.  UNDERAGE TRAININGUnderage training is now taking a break until the primary school year begins. There has been a under 11 (players born 2004/2005) and under 9 (born 2006/07) competition set up in inisowen and will begin at the end of August. See full detail on the club Facebook site.All club gear including club playing shirts, training tops, Half zips, raincoats, bags, hoodies and shorts and socks are available for purchase from Bridget Harkin. GAA NEWS: MOVILLE SENIORS FACE NAOMH PADRAIG IN FOYLESIDE DERBY was last modified: August 11th, 2015 by Mark ForkerShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:Sportlast_img read more

Man United vs Leeds confirmed for next summer in Australia

first_img Total games: 107Leeds wins: 26Draws: 35Man United wins: 46 2 Manchester United will play historic rivals Leeds for the first time in eight years during their 2019 pre-season tour of Australia, the Premier League club have confirmed.The two English clubs will meet at the 60,000-seater Optus Stadium in Perth on Wednesday July 17. 2 Manchester United and Leeds United will do battle once again in Australia One of English football’s fiercest rivalries is set to be renewed center_img HEAD-TO-HEAD RECORD It is the first clash between the two sides since 2011 when United won 3-0 at Elland Road in the League Cup, with Michael Owen and Ryan Giggs on the scoresheet.The only other meeting in the last decade came in the 2009/10 FA Cup as Leeds secured a dramatic 1-0 victory at Old Trafford. Leeds enjoyed plenty of fierce battles with the Red Devils back when they were both Premier League giants, although the Whites have since suffered a spectacular fall from grace.Marcelo Bielsa is attempting to restore top-flight football to Elland Road for the first time since 2004, with his side currently third in the Championship and three points off league-leaders Norwich. And United have suffered a fall of their own, with the current eighth-place side a far-cry from the all-conquering teams of the Sir Alex Ferguson era.Leeds chief executive Angus Kinnear said: “The trip, including the game against long-standing rivals Manchester United and some more fixtures still to be announced, will be a fantastic part of our centenary season and it is expected to attract thousands of visitors.”The Optus Stadium is home to Perth Glory, who will be part of both clubs’ pre-season preparations during the tour of Australia.Jose Mourinho’s men will take them on four days before the Leeds clash on July 13.last_img read more