Month: May 2020

Atlético de Madrid returns for Cavani and offers € 10M to PSG

first_imgThe Charrúa did not enter the call of Tuchel to play the Cup match against Lorient waiting to close his exit. This will be the second consecutive game lost after not playing against Monaco due to injury. Cavani played his last game with PSG on January 12 against the Monegasque team in Ligue 1. The forward, who was returning from a muscle injury, only played four minutes in the draw (3-3) against Robert Moreno’s team. Cavani ends contract with PSG in June, but Atlético tries to close its arrival this January by all means. Gil Marín, general director of Atlético, traveled to Paris on Tuesday to meet with PSG representatives and approach positions at the ECA meeting. The irruption of Icardi and the injuries have diminished the minutes of Cavani. The ‘9’ of the PSG has played 568 minutes spread over 14 games in which he has scored five goals and has given one assist. 9center_img Atlético de Madrid returns to charge by Edinson Cavani, 32 years. According, L’Équipe, the rojiblanco club has done an offer of ten million euros so that the Uruguayan striker leaves the PSG this winter market and arrives at the Metropolitan. RMC Sports notes that the Parisian team rejected the offer not wanting to let his striker out in January, despite Le Parisien encrypting the price of his departure in this amount. last_img read more

Setién, about Rodrigo Moreno: “He is an extraordinary footballer”

first_imgIt is not a test. It was a plan for that match. The other day we realized that we do not explain certain things well and it helps us to improve when we do it again. But it doesn’t mean we always do it. Then we change. There will be matches that will not be won in the 10th or 20th minute, but will be won in the 80s because we wear out the opponent.Does Valencia change with Rodrigo Moreno?He is an extraordinary footballer that can complicate any team. I would have preferred not to play. Valencia’s level is high with or without Rodrigo.How do you see Riqui Puig?There are very interesting things that do them well and others that should improve. It is a process in which we will help you. It will happen to us all.Can Griezmann be the 9th of Barça?It is an option. We don’t have a specific player now, but his alternative is good. It helped us a lot and we value it. It is unchecked well and band falls.Is tomorrow a great test?My first big exam was Granada, the one in Ibiza was great and I don’t expect less from tomorrow and so on from then on. I know that we have not lost there for years and as an entity we face one of the best possible rivals. There is an exam every day.Do you have more work than you expected?There are concepts to integrate in the head of the players who give work. We work in that sense, but the players are intelligent and learn fast. Everyone has to think like one and that is the problem. It depends a lot on what one does about what others do.Have you seen improvement in output and pressure?They are unquestionably very important concepts. We have to manage the ball and not raffle it. We work in this direction to give more fluidity to the exit and there are times where it costs us.What concept is the most difficult for players to understand?We work hard on pressure after loss. There are times when we do not do well. When we face high level teams they can get out of our pressure. We need you to read it well. Is not easy. It is a part, but we will adjust it.Do you value keeping Abel Ruiz in the first team?You will take surprises. There are players who will train and disappear and vice versa. I want to meet everyone. Today Collado comes because Riqui is sick. Everyone will have a choice.What position do you want for Arturo Vidal?I want full players to do many things, even those that I don’t ask for. As an interior you have to be intelligent and know how to measure when to arrive or defend. To be associated.Has the clash with reality been different from what I expected to do?I have not patched. I have done what I wanted by developing the game plans. We are getting to know the players and I am very happy with how the events are going. What goes wrong is because of ignorance or because it is not easy to interpret what I ask of the players. Everything will flow much better. Victories will help us in confidence. Quique Setién appeared in the press room in the previous match against Valencia of a new day of LaLiga Santander. The Cantabrian coach also analyzed the confrontation of Copa del Rey against the Leganés, spoke of transfer market and the importance of getting all three points against one of the strongest rivals in the championship.Is Valencia the most difficult test so far? It is true that whenever a team like Valencia loses the previous game, they get more incentive. I wait for the best rival. It is a great team and it will make it very difficult for us. It will be a level test. Perhaps we can do more damage because they will attack more and we will take advantage of the spaces we did not have before.Is the team far from what it projects?I don’t have that feeling, every game has its peculiarities. In Ibiza we were not well and we have to improve, but in the previous one we were well. We needed to define. We did many things that were already done and saw them during much of the game.If you don’t sign a nine, do you have enough staff to aspire to all three titles?I don’t value it now. Barça is a great team that must compete to win everything. The lesions are not controlled, but they influence. It is convenient to be prepared in case it happens.Does Leganes and Levante at home in a week reassure?Definitely. Not traveling is an advantage. Considering the rivals that could have touched could be a problem as seen in the last round.What needs to be done to generate more danger?In the first we generated, but the goals did not enter. We generate enough, I think. They defended well. In Ibiza it was different, it was special. Artificial grass influences and they delivered a lot and we were not inspired. I am sure that we will generate, to see if we have the success of marking.Do you like Rodrigo Moreno?I like all the great players.Do you grab the results to keep the engine running?In Ibiza I got a fat scare, why lie. Players must understand the details for changes to occur. That will not take us much time, but I know that there are people who are result regardless of how they earn. It seems good to me, but there is another one that will see if the team deserves to win or not. You have to value the way.Was the Ibiza system a test?last_img read more

No team has failed more clear chances than Atlético

first_imgSpanish22.217-5.2 Real Madrid2836445639 Sevillefifteen25386227 Spanish1018366417 Majorca25.322-3.3 Atlético could not beat Leganés. Simeone’s team ran aground and was not able to beat the cucumber goal. The current Atlético scorer deficit equals the worst in the club’s history. 22 goals reached on the twenty-first day was the negative record. The much vaunted lack of goal of Atlético as a major evil to explain many evils of this season, not the only one. But serve a fact to witness it. Simeone players are the ones who have scored the most scoring chances so far this season.Up to 39 frank situations to mark, according to the OPTA algorithm screened by the situation, the moment and the clarity of the shot moment. In the case of Atlético, those 39 great missed occasions in LaLiga account for 70% of those it has had. 16 of the 22 goals that the Simeone team has achieved have been as a result of a clear occasion. Take advantage of 30% of the frank situations it generates. Real society31.8364.2 EquipmentExpected GoalsGoalsDifference Valladolid8fifteen356517 Athletic23.622-1.6 Leganés21.416-5.4 Leganés92. 3297116 Real Betis1725415929 Alaves25.722-3.7 Alaves142. 3386222 Real society2. 327465436 Athleticeleventwenty366422 Athletic35.122-13.1 Pomegranate23.4251.6 Atlético de Madrid1639307022 Villarreal2431445636 Osasuna1827406028 EquipmentGreat occasion – goalGreat occasion failedHit%Failure %Goals Valencia222. 3495132 I raised1726406026 Osasuna3228-4 Villarreal39.936-3.9 Getafetwenty-one16574330 Barcelona33.2fifty16.8 Getafe23.1307 Barcelona25304654fifty Valencia29.7322.3 Celta Vigo926267417 Pomegranate1810653525 I raised2826-two Real Madrid40.839-1.8 They are very poor numbers, needless to say, for a team of the budget and the aspirations of the rojiblanco and exemplifies their situation. There is no team in LaLiga that has failed so many favorable situations to score. It follows Atlético, Real Madrid, but with a difference. Whites have wasted 36 great occasions, but they have turned 28. Their success rate is 44% by 30% of Atlético, their rival in the next day. Barcelona, ​​the top scorer in the category with 50 goals, has missed 30 clear chances to score. It moves in a percentage of use of them of 46%. Atleti sports more than worrying fees. Only Celta (26%) and Leganés (29%) have a worse average use of their great scoring chances. Majorca13twenty406022 Betis29.629-0.6 Celtic22.817-5.8 The worst in goals that should lead according to their shotsTo explain it even more in Big Data, OPTA uses the “Expected Goals” metric to quantify the goals that a team in LaLiga should have in relation to the quality of their auctions. In that variable, Atlético’s data is shocking. It is at a difference of -13.1, by far the worst record in the entire LaLiga. Seville29.227-2.2 Eibar1293842twenty Eibar20.3twenty-0.3 Valladolid19.917-2.9last_img read more

Madrid has earned less than it deserved, according to CIES

first_imgFootball is a game of sensations where statistics, pure numbers, every day gain more influence to evidence facts that occur during the matches but that the simple sight we are not always able to perceive.The numerical study in some depth of the game every day increases both in volume and relevance and Thus, CIES has been able to demonstrate which team is being the most effective in 31 European leagues. The study offers two figures to analyze: the expected points and the points achieved that are drawn based on the possession of the ball and the number and distance of the shots made and received. The criterion for calculating the equipment that is performing better is the one with the greatest difference between the points achieved and those expected. The title falls to the Romanian Astra Giurgiu, who gets almost one point more than expected per game followed by Sivasspor, Benfica, Ferencvaros and Liverpool.In Spain, The most efficient club is being the Valencia of Celades that takes half a point more than expected for its performance on the pitch. Atletico, despite a difficult time at the scorer level, and Barcelona are also in positive (0.10 and 0.09) while, Real Madrid can not get all the expected return to what it does on the field getting 0 , 16 points less than this statistical model estimates. Even so, these criteria place Real Madrid as the team that is expected to get more points some distance from Barcelona (2.31 for whites, for 2.06 of the Catalans). That is to say, if white efficiency increases to get closer than expected, they are the favorites to be champions. The most expected and the most successfulAmong the clubs that are expected the most points are the great dominators of their leagues outside the top five (Ajax, Slavia Prague, Rangers, Celtic or Salzburg) in addition of Paris Saint-Germain, king of France in six of the last seven campaigns. Of these, only Shakhtar Donetsk is exceeding expectations.Liverpool is being, with some difference, the best team in England and the continent. The networks are one of the most consistent leaders in Europe and their achievements touch on perfection. If your expected average was 2.25 points, the Klopp set is touching perfection achieving an average of 2.91 points. Of the big leagues, only Benfica (2.82, 51 points, 17 wins and one loss) and Juventus (2.55, 51 points, 16 wins, three draws and two losses) are close.last_img read more

Reinier, in tears: “I will give my life for Real Madrid”

first_imgReinier Jesus was officially introduced as a new Real Madrid player. The Brazilian midfielder, who comes from Flamengo in exchange for 30 million euros fixed and another five for objectives, landed in Madrid last Saturday and had already had two portions of what awaits him in the white club: Sunday morning he saw from the gym the draw of his new teammates in Castilla against Rayo Majadahonda on Cerro del Espino; and at night he went to the Bernabéu for Madrid-Celta, which also finished 2-2.Reinier appeared at the Santiago Bernabéu Honor Box at 1:40 p.m., accompanied by his family: Susana and Mauro, their parents; and Julia, his sister. In the morning he was in Valdebebas training with Castilla, which was his first session with his new teammates. First, he took the floor, as he always does in the presentations of the new players, the president of Real Madrid, Florentino Pérez. “This stadium is preparing tirelessly to face the future. Here have played players who have marked an era and many with the Real Madrid shirt. Just as we build now what we want to be the best stadium of the 21st century, we have the obligation to enhance the talent of the future. It is not easy to find that indisputable talent that can be part of the legend of Madrid. Our players conquered the Spanish Super Cup just a month ago and will continue to give it their all. Here nobody ever gives up, “the president began. “It is our obsession to look for players who can be the great figures of tomorrow. Today comes a player who has just turned 18, but has already been champion of the last Copa Libertadores with Flamengo, one of the great clubs in the world. Dear Reinier, you are already a member of Real Madrid, the one you always chose in video games. In a few minutes you will wear the Madrid shirt and step on the grass where many of your countrymen have played, which have contributed to Madrid being the club of the 13 European Cups. You have arrived here with humility and sacrifice. I have been told that your father put videos of Zidane, with the illusion that you played in Madrid one day. It has certainly helped you, but if you are here it is for your merits. You are one of the emerging stars of world football. Congratulations, today many of your soccer hopes are coming true. This shirt is impregnated with values: effort, demand, overcoming, humility, companionship and always, respect for the adversary. This is the shirt you have dreamed so much about. The great challenges of your life await you. Welcome to your new home, “concluded Florentino Pérez.Then, it was Reinier’s turn, who pronounced his first words as a Real Madrid player after his presentation, although he already granted AS an interview in which he declared “Real Madrid from the Galactic stage”. The Brazilian let loose speaking in Spanish, fluently: “Good afternoon everyone, it’s a very happy day for me. I fulfill a childhood dream. Thanks to my family who was always with me. We always talked about how amazing it would be to get here. I want to be part of the history of this great club. Go Madrid”. After the protocol ceremony at the Palco de Honor, Reinier went down to the locker room to dress for the first time with the clothing of Real Madrid and jump to the grass of the Santiago Bernabéu, in which he hopes to play in the not too distant future. At the moment its site is Castilla, as Madrid has covered the three extra-community places (Militao, Rodrygo and Vinicius); His mission will now be to convince Raul to enter the plans of the subsidiary’s technician. Precisely Raúl was present at the event, along with other veterans such as Solari or Arbeloa.Some 500 fans came to the stands of the Bernabéu to welcome you to the new white player.center_img In press conferenceAfter his presentation as a new Real Madrid player, Reinier attended the Press accompanied by Emilio Butragueño, director of Institutional Relations of the club. “Dear Reinier, today you start a new stage. Playing for Madrid is one of the biggest challenges a professional can face. Everyone who works in the club will do everything possible to make you and your family very happy in your new home. New successes await you, ”commented the Vulture. What feelings do you have?It is the realization of a dream, playing in Madrid was the dream of my father, my sister, my mother … I am very happy with this opportunity. It is the realization of a dream. Have you talked to Vinicius and Rodrygo? They are great players, yesterday I was at Vinicius’ house, he is my friend since Flamengo. I am very happy with the reception of all Brazilians, they are sure to help me a lot. I am prepared to seize the opportunities. Going from Flamengo to Castilla, in Second B, is not a somewhat strange jump? Flamengo is the largest team in South America. But I am happy, I have already trained with Castilla, they are great people, I have already met Raúl … He is one of my idols. I am very happy, surely tomorrow we will be very well together again and I will be ready for Sunday. What did Raul tell you? He welcomed me, I am very happy with our talk. He wished me luck, I’m sure I will do my best. As we say in my country, I will give my life for Madrid. Who do you feel like training more? Everyone with everyone. Being Madrid, surely they are the best. I am very happy with the opportunity. I really want to play. How was the time to know that Madrid loved you? I was happier than anyone to receive this news, my father called me. I was in the Club World Cup and did not know what to do. An inexplicable emotion, I started to cry, my roommate was also very happy. In Brazil we do not know well what Madrid is, it is something gigantic. It has always been my team. What do you say to the people of Flamengo, your exequipo? It is a very qualified team, with great players who have made history in Europe. I thank the coach very much, he has helped me and advised me to improve my football. I thank him and all the Flamengo. I am here to do my best. What memories do you have of Madrid? I’ve seen Cristiano Ronaldo a lot, I was little and my father showed me the videos. I was delighted with the videos. I’ve always wanted to get here. I am very grateful to my family, I am here thanks to them. What does Zidane direct you to do? He was a great player, an idol of Madrid. I will have as a mirror great players. My father played football and when he teaches me videos I try to make the most of my experience to improve in the field. This is a club with a lot of pressure … Madrid is the biggest club in the world, there is a lot of pressure, but as I said it is a dream that has come true. I’m sure I’m going bareback for my dream. Playing in Madrid is inexplicable, I am very happy with my opportunity. How do you define yourself? Here he is compared to Kaka … Kaka is an idol for me, he’s Brazilian and I’ve seen him play forever. I arrive at the area, I finish the plays, touching the ball a lot, one-two. I know that I will do my best. I thank Kaka, I shared a moment with him in which we talked a few things. But I sure have things to improve. He wished me luck, I knew that I am young and that I was working. I appreciate it, for me it has been an idol. He is a person that everyone praises. That he was by my side was very exciting. In which position does it look better? The game attack in all positions. Everything, inside and out. Where I am I will play. He has been excited about his parents during the presentation … Everything I lived in childhood crossed my mind, since I left home with my father, I arrived in Rio alone, without my mother, without my sister … (He gets excited, Butragueño asks for a few moments so he can calm down). When I talk about my family I get very excited because I am sure it was all thanks to them. I thank you, also those in Brazil, like my grandmother. Since I was a child they helped me achieve my dream. Have you talked to Zidane? Will you train with the first team? I’m a Madrid player, I haven’t talked to Zidane yet. But I am available to the club. This is a dream, since I was a child, I will do my best and the club will know what it wants to do. His father is very happy with his signing for Madrid … My father is my greatest hero, he deserves to be here living this with me. It has been the dream of all of us. Madrid is something different.last_img read more

The renewal of Roberto Martínez with Belgium advances

first_imgThe Belgian Football Federation holds the Spanish coach in high esteem. In fact, The great key to the renewal is the trust they have placed in him not only to continue leading the Red Devils to the Qatar World Cup, but also to continue structuring the country’s soccer. The top managers at the football level in Belgium have opted with everything for Roberto Martínez to continue with the numerous projects of general organization, renovation of infrastructures and development of quarries.Still no dealFrom both sectors of the negotiation, however, they deny AS that the deal is closed. “We are still talking and there is nothing signed. The Belgian press, as usual, wants to go faster than what actually happens,” explains a federative source of the highest rank. “It is still premature”, transmits another participant in the operation. But, at the same time, those involved neither want nor can hide that the resolution is very close. Roberto Martínez’s renewal with Belgium has entered its final stretch, as AS has learned. The final agreement has not yet been reached, but there has been significant progress and it is even expected that an announcement can be made in the next week. The technician ends his contract on June 30 and the new commitment would be until the conclusion of the 2022 World Cup, in December of that same year.This newspaper already reported on March 24 that the feelings about the enlargement were very good on both sides. However, the coronavirus paused the talks, which have resumed faster recently. The coach will receive a significant salary increase, although the decisive factor to finish the deal will be the project.last_img read more

Europe has a return date

first_imgThe soccer scene in Europe clears up. A few of its 55 nationwide leagues have made official the date during which they’ll return to play, as soon as mitigated, or so it’s believed, the devastating penalties of the coronavirus. The nations which have determined to return have the authorization of their governments and all will undertake such extreme measures as enjoying the remaining matches of their championships behind closed doorways and underneath strict security and hygiene measures.The principle league to announce its return has been the Bundesliga. It’s going to even be the primary to take action amongst those that stopped their exercise. On Could 16 he’ll roll the ball once more in a gesture of normality whose impact is but to be seen. The Germans will pull the wagon from Europe and the remainder of the large leagues are anticipated, besides Francego behind. Two months later, soccer has dates once more.Germany: Could 16. Yesterday it was made official that the Bundesliga returns on Could 16, after the permission given by Merkel. He’ll do it with a Dortmund-Schalke, a Rhur derby. The desk is led by Bayern, with Dortmund and RB Leipzig behind.Poland: Could 29. The Ekstraklassa It’s going to begin on Could 29 and can run till July 18-19, when the final day is performed. The Poles will resume the competitors in line with the schedule established earlier than the break. The Legia He’s a chief with an eight level benefit over Piast and he has virtually in his hand to turn into champion.Hungary: Could 30. The Hungarian League, the OPT Financial institution Liga, will return on Could 30 on matchday 26, whereas the cup will do it a week earlier than in its semifinals. The Ferencvaros, who should make up two video games, may also use these dates to replace his classification. The historic Magyar membership is a chief with a three level benefit and may sentence the title in the event that they win these two pending matches.Serbia: Could 30. On Could 30 the Tremendous league in Serbia with the 27th matchday, which has solely 4 days left and can finish on June 20th. The Pink Star He’s virtually champion, having an 11 level benefit with 12 to play. The Serbian Cup will probably be performed as deliberate: June three the quarterfinals, on the 10 the semifinals and on the 24 the ultimate. Israel: Could 30. The Israeli league will restart on Could 30, though from this Sunday the groups will be capable of prepare following strict safety measures. The Israeli authorities gave authorization to renew soccer. La Ligat ha’Al is already within the playoffs for the title, with Macabbi Tel Aviv with eight factors of benefit over the Macabbi Haifa.Montenegro: June 1. Montenegro introduced that it’ll resume its league on June 1, after the plan is authorized by the nationwide authorities. July 19 is the date chosen to shut the championship if the deadlines are met. The Prva Crnogorska Liga is essentially dominated by the Buducnost eleven factors forward of their pursuers.Bulgaria: June 6. In Bulgaria, the plan is to renew the Parva Liga on June 6, though the golf equipment will be capable of begin coaching as early because the 15th, in line with the sports activities minister, Krasen Kralev, to the bTV station. The Ludogorets dominates the standings with a 9 level benefit over Lokomotiv Plovdiv.Croatia: June 6. The season in Croatia will resume on Could 30 and 31 with the semifinals of the Croatian cup and days later, on June 6, with the resumption of the 1. NHL. The cup closing might be performed on August 1. The Croatian second and third divisions are canceled and ready to know what occurs with the ascents and descents.Turkey: June 12. The president of the federation, Nihat Ozdemir, introduced that on June 12 the Turkish first, second and third divisions will resume, after being involved with the nation’s well being authorities. Trabzonspor, Basaksehir and Galatasaray They’re in the course of the title struggle and there are solely three factors of distinction between the three.Finland: July 1. Finland, which follows the calendar yr and never the standard year-to-year for its seasons, additionally introduced that 2020 will begin on July 1. This implies a delay of three months with respect to what was initially deliberate, for the reason that Veikkausliiga It normally begins in early April. Inter Turku is the present champion.last_img read more