Fast food franchise which is good selection of projects is the key

life is like a choice, in our lives, almost every day we are choosing. In the entrepreneurial position to join, entrepreneurship is also a choice. The choice of a good project is a stepping stone to our success. 2017, has come, you have a good idea of how to start it?

fast food chain which is a good choice to join the project is the key. Some new franchise system, the development of its own time on the market is not long enough, did not pass the market test, consumer spending habits have not yet developed. What is worse, some of the initial fee profit for project manufacturing hot illusion, and even hired " " to queue manufacturing; navy; hot… Therefore, all started to join the franchise business franchise qualification examination to find experience in a certain shop, and a few stores up to a certain size or the development of the headquarters of at least 5 years, competitive chain brand, compared with operating security.

according to the relevant laws and regulations, franchiser to meet "has at least 2 stores, and operate more than 1 years", does not lead to contract the franchisor does not have the "two stores a year", but means that the franchisor may lack the ability to provide mature management mode and to provide a mature business model to the franchisee, product quality assurance, training and promotion of enterprise etc..

in order to ensure a reasonable operating and investment cycle, the contract period is generally more than 3 years, the franchise management regulations also stipulates that the franchise contract shall be not less than 3 years, unless the franchisee agrees. When choosing the weak chain brand, although you can pay less to gold, but in contrast, the headquarters can have fewer resources and assistance, many things have to rely on stores to take care of their own, naturally weak competitiveness.

a good choice to join the project, is the best choice for our successful business. For business with a small capital of entrepreneurs. Worry about entrepreneurship is a good choice for us to join the project. So, in 2017, are you ready?

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