Losing business in the end can not do all the business

although each shopkeeper is doing business is to make money, however, some of the goods in the course of the sale has been losing money. For example, I this batch of 5.8 of the purchase price, selling 5.75 yuan. The purchase price of 4.7 yuan per kilogram, 4.6 / 10 fen for sale, oh, no way, egg too sensitive goods, to the flow of people got to do it. How to let the egg does not lose money and can attract popularity?

main symptoms of losing money business should not change the point where

The main flavor is of thousands of customers,

prescription more good for the perspective of

eggs lose money to pull

customers come to buy it

you don’t lose money he doesn’t buy

if you lose money he laughs silly

who I don’t silly, silly, I was a supermarket manager, I lose money in business for many years, egg is for tourists, is to gather popularity, is to let customers more, you want customers to more easily, buy other household, and I don’t earn it. If you stand to this point of view, the store is not stupid, clever also. But now customers are not so stupid, why say so, because you do not lose money, people do not buy you, if you lose money, the customer, after you bought something sure my heart will come to the sentence, the shopkeeper silly cute. If the price is low, the better.

but why customers will think so, is actually very simple, because your egg price is lower than others, because you lose money, because you got thick oh.

actually stand to the customer’s point of view the eggs can be understood. Large supermarkets do activities take eggs, make use of eggs to mobilize popularity, the idea is very good, but we thought that such a problem is not, eggs do activities, which is the part of the customer? One is the elderly, two are family women. The two part of the people have a common feature, that is, plenty of time, you can queue up, you can wait, you can count on each other.

because they have a lot of free time, so the information spread faster. Seems to attract popularity is a good thing, but they are investigating the purchase of goods is clear, random shopping is not strong. That is to say that this part of the people are living, they cherish their every penny. Take the eggs to do the activities of the supermarket, you lose money more, they are more happy, but in the purchase of other household goods is not like the business plan, but after comparison, comparison will be purchased.

so that the supermarket eggs lose money, seems to be popular, in fact, the real spending power is not, that is to say, most of the eggs lose money earned >

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