Do business also need to be able to read the whole Qiao said

timely joke with customers, insert a word, often able to pull the relationship between each other, but also to the development of the business has a very big help. "A ‘Nanjing’ (red)." An old man with a four year old grandson came to the front of the counter. I see, is a neat, knowledge of elderly customers, for closer relations, a cigarette with his greeting: "this gentleman longevity?"

"Na, only" thirty-four point five years "." He answered humorously.

"oh! Sixty-nine, the spirit is very good." I put my thumbs up and thought, "this is the optimist". Bought the smoke, but the old man can not walk, I saw his grandson holding his pants, a finger on the shelf can say that the doll will sing again and again, "grandpa! Grandpa!"

"hey! Today, "" good luck and success in life "rip off" of the encounter!" The old man winked on me, crouch and coax the child, "my baby," the best in all the land well behaved "home toys piled up, this time to see grandpa to buy goods, next time." The grandson of twisting the body like a rattle, is not.

"it’s raining in the empty field." I judge by experience, and as a joke tone said: "the little grandson has fancy, just buy a peace of mind, to have gone!" At this time, the child like a tug of war to the grandfather of the toy rack pull. The old man narrowed his eyes and did not leave.

I immediately said to the child: "you call him ‘little Grandpa’ he bought." The child really cried again and again, "little grandpa", and a sound than a high. I was the old man also was uproarious, amused laugh to tears, finally bought a doll, I also played a ten percent off discount. The child was holding the doll, laughing and jumping, and the old man would boast that I would do business. Since then, the old man often come to my shop to buy cigarettes or chat with me.

The formation of

many times Trading operators don’t need much words, if you can read the words is to believe, to play a multiplier effect. So, want to do fire business, how to speak is very important oh. Of course, want to play a role, also need to know how the wind blows.

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