A turtle sells 380 thousand of the price


people are not unfamiliar, both in the world of the sea, or in real life, its existence is not what strange things, but also in the market is not what rare animal, but now there is a turtle sold 380 thousand of the price, this is also boast, is an example of?

2009 in July 6th, this is called Li Xuegong’s Shenzhen merchants after six months of appointment, and finally met in Guangxi, the man named Ma Wusong. The home of Ma Wusong heavily-guarded, full of twists and turns after the four gate. Li Xuegong finally saw what he wanted in this small house, two national protected animal disease.

1996, the Guangxi aquatic products market, called a turtle turtle species suddenly boomed a few years ago, hundreds of yuan a catty price suddenly rose to one thousand yuan, two thousand yuan, finally reached three thousand yuan a catty, allowing aquatic bosses began to be struck dumb. Huang Kunguang: farmers 3000 yuan of money at that time, a small animal with a small beetle is amazing.

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