Beware of crooks all retail


said that many of the owners in the course of the operation has been very cautious, but there are many cases of deception. The next door is a teahouse, a lot of people, even though I sit in the shop at home, but if what’s interesting news, I would soon know one or two, this not on the opposite side of the store cheated 6 high-grade cigarettes, worth 3 thousand yuan, the news quickly spread to me this, but the process know very clearly.

scene reproduction:

"Hello, I am a health center, today, the meeting of the health center, and so on will go to your store to take 6 Yellow Crane Tower soft treasures, will open the end of the account, OK?"

health in the distance of less than three homes, so close, so familiar, the owner did not worry about the answer: "yes, you come to take it." The shop owner for many years, is a seasoned businessman, his main business channels are retail and wholesale, business units do not much, think of this health shop so close, usually dealing with not a lot, but also know a lot of people in health, perhaps this is the beginning of the business unit to do good the owner, in mind.

the shopkeeper answered the phone, the 6 cigarette ready, then store in a young lad, politely said: "Hello, I’m the leader of health, just call you to say a few good smoke, tell him to come with me, and so he will come node account."

"OK, you take it." The owner was very enthusiastic to put 6 bags of high-grade cigarettes to the young man.

so the young man easily carry 6 cigarettes out of the shop door, toward the direction of the health.

this guy is a liar may smoke shop for novice, perhaps out of a guilty conscience, not far from the shop owner looked at the boy back to back, back, back to look at the boy, feeling a little wrong, then go out to come over, health and shop from so close, so when the owner fast approaching, just to see a boy sitting in a car parked in front of health, he chased the past, the car had to flee, liar.

6 soft treasures Yellow Crane Tower according to the purchase price is 3 thousand yuan, retail profits, how much will this gross profit can earn 3 thousand yuan, 3 thousand yuan this is not a fee on heartbreak, take wings to itself, makes people angry.

a little bit more careless, it is possible to be cheated, so as a retail really need to be very cautious. In short, now a lot of crooks, as retailers we really need to pay attention to, to be vigilant in the usual business, large business does not encounter a little profit because of a high

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