Alone home business Yang Zhenzhen became the new women entrepreneurs

a girl alone to start a business at home alone is very difficult, but the difficult road of Yang cheer eventually left down, and reached the annual income 200 thousand yuan achievement. Can not help but let people thumbs up.


in support of the village cadres help, in November 2009, she rented a long Shan Xiang Shen fan community of more than 200 acres of land, early start, please see the old tile workers broken this wasteland and ten, dry a few days left, a worker said to her: "I do not want to here you do, a 26 year old little girl a person guarding this piece of wasteland, when can we do give a reason?" Yang Zhenzhen did not give up, she began to improve in the yellow clay soil during slaughter, chicken feather 12 thousand, soil 60 pigs.

due time into the second step, vegetable planting in June 8, 2011, a car accident this skinny girl admitted to hospital, 3 months because no one knows the farm management and losses. After discharge Yang Zhenzhen resting after a year, began again, 20 acres of planted honeysuckle. This thought can be planted in the year when the advantage of the return of the proceeds of the fund, a sudden fire once again let her lose a lot……

she began to change the idea, from the beginning of growing vegetables, the farm has come back to life. So, from a layman planting vegetables, to see the status of plants can now know illness and medication; from a cement column in 2014 to 30 in a greenhouse now; a person from their own labor to hire 10 people now work, from a single product sales to the many varieties of sales for two years. 30 greenhouses a year net income of about 200 thousand yuan.

persevering, faith is power. Yang Zhenzhen said that in the near future, the farm is expected to become a model to promote the surrounding villagers to get rich together. She believes she can recommend

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