Entrepreneurs should have sufficient entrepreneurial spirit

  entrepreneurship is not something that can be successful, a good entrepreneur should have a good entrepreneurial spirit, and always maintain a high entrepreneurial enthusiasm and entrepreneurial spirit.

  seize the opportunity

        entrepreneurship first by the opportunity to start, however, to grasp the business acumen of the opportunity, but not an easy thing to do, but the  .

        due to the existence of bounded rationality, the spirit of entrepreneurship is restricted. From the outside, it is difficult to obtain timely information and raw materials, it is difficult to develop marketing channels and markets. Within the organization, enterprise vertical and horizontal communication may not be smooth, can not achieve full information exchange and sharing, the headquarters of the strategic decision-making can be worked out in the case of insufficient information, even if this strategic decision is reasonable, the various functional departments of internal control caused by the inter departmental management difficulty increases, too the long-term development planning to become a mere scrap of paper. Therefore, access to the best possible information on the basis of opportunity to grasp, it becomes the primary task of entrepreneurs.

        however, with the development of enterprises, the opportunity to build on an individual basis to grasp the consciousness and ability, will be in the broader market and more resources of various needs. At this time, it is necessary to establish a complete system, in the system to ensure the opportunity to grasp. This >

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