Empty handed can be the boss

empty handed when the boss? Everyone must have heard a saying called empty cup is the idea of it, before you go to another company or another working environment, to put some thought before you all away, to accept the idea of more experience. Mention of karate, people immediately think of think of cheating, fraud, think of it as some people talked about a venomous serpents and wild beasts; karate, heart resentment, hate, rejection, refused. What is the karate karate? The popular saying is: from business, zero capital venture, nothing, a small high, 42 pounds. In scientific language, is through the implementation of the unique creative, careful planning, perfect operation, in particular, within the legal and moral norms, by others, human material and financial resources, business model to make money.

sleight of hand have what not good? Can set to empty the White Wolf, this is not a skill? I think, in the scope of legal norms, if who has the ability, take people’s money into their own pockets, don’t let the money flow to the area of their own region to foreigners money to China, this is really the ability, this is the true hero.

today, I speak karate here, not to call you cheat or fraud, but call everyone in the scope of legal norms, the combination of resources, from business to. This, I must first declare. In fact, karate and karate, only one step away. First of all to have a good moral consciousness, legal consciousness, is said to be a law-abiding citizen, otherwise, you cheat, bluff and deceive cheat, you will be in trouble, would capsize, going into the "chant". Things like this, there are many people in the community, we must attach great importance to.

> today, when I put

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