Fujian free trade zone to attract investment effect

The establishment of

start-up FTA can attract some entrepreneurs to carry out entrepreneurial activities better, in the Fujian area, the establishment of the Fujian free trade zone for the entire social public business activities have brought very good results.

by Xin Bridge United Holdings Group (Hongkong) limited holdings leasing company has officially settled in Xiamen, in the Xiamen free trade area in the establishment of financial leasing and factoring assets trading center, financial leasing industry investment in Fujian has become the new case.

formally for nearly 5 months, Fujian FTA test area of investment continue to gather entrepreneurial atmosphere. According to the Fujian Provincial Office of free trade statistics, in August, a total of 1216 Fujian Trade Zone, foreign-funded enterprises, registered capital of 18 billion 190 million yuan, an increase of 104.37% and respectively. Among them, the new foreign-funded enterprises 94, the registered capital of 2 billion 735 million yuan, an increase of 6.23 times and 2.23%.

in new investment in Taiwan, overseas Chinese capital is particularly eye-catching. The visit to Pingtan, the Fujian society in the United States President Li Hua told News Agency reporters, Pingtan has a "free trade zone" and "comprehensive experimentation area" and "double" advantage, the future development should not be overlooked. He plans to put the naked eye 3D technology into Pingtan at the same time, to promote local investment advantages to other overseas chinese.

sign in the "Ha Qiahui" on a three cross-strait youth base project, focus on the establishment of an incubator project, cultivating team and support innovative cross-strait talent cooperation center, there will be more than 500 Taiwan enterprises settled, more than 5000 young people on both sides into the base work (including Taiwan youth more than 500). Target total value of more than 1 billion yuan.

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