41 colleges and universities to test the application of water to promote innovation and Entrepreneur

in such a new social development form, entrepreneurship has become the theme of the society at the same time, the college education mode in the new situation is also subject to the test of society, universities are actively adjust their education policy, in order to adapt to social development.

with "China manufacturing" the transition to "China creation", and promote the development of innovation driven strategy, the social structure of the demand for talents has changed, not only the general needs of skilled personnel, need to understand the technology, can compound the high-level creative talents should be used. The application of the transformation of undergraduate colleges and universities, mainly to guide the reform of personnel training mode of colleges and universities, training and application of technical personnel, so as to crack the reality of the existence of employment difficulties and shortage of skilled workers dilemma.

In the process of innovation and development of the whole society


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