Card license Dalian Taxi Management Office on the net about the car about the car business

about the car how to legalize operations, in the hearts of many people, the about cars bring convenience to people, in Dalian, the relevant departments issued a net to net about the car about the car license, Dalian has become following Hangzhou, Ningbo, Shenyang City, and to a first gas about the car license issued by the line under the city.

it is understood that, in accordance with the Ministry of transport and other 7 ministries issued a booking taxi service management Interim Measures, the about the car platform should have online, offline service capabilities. The first steam car "about the booking taxi business license", marks the company to better carry out related services in Dalian. The first steam car about the Dalian Branch Manager Zhang Yu said, the current first steam car in Dalian about a total of more than 790 about the car, the driver all through the about the car driver training and obtain qualifications.

According to Qin Haiqun, director of the Dalian Municipal Bureau of transportation taxi management department, engaged in the operation of the about the car platform must be recognized online and administrative licensing of the line under the

. Dalian’s existing about the car platform for a total of 9, online qualification, the current "about" China auto rental car company "" and "drops of travel" 3 platform respectively by their respective registered provincial transportation department in charge of the "online service qualification", have engaged in the about the car business qualification. As long as the access to online qualification, in accordance with the approval process, the Dalian Taxi Management Office will be issued under the online booking taxi business license.

it is understood that the Dalian city about the car driver qualification training lasted 9 days, a total of 72 hours of training, including " about local regulations" and "Dalian cultural history and tourism knowledge" and "occupation morals and the about car service standards" and "operating vehicles and treatment of common faults and other 17 courses. The final exam content is divided into 4 subjects, only all qualified in order to get about the car driver qualification. At present, Dalian has more than 900 drivers to obtain the about car driver qualification.

net about car business license issued, on behalf of the relevant departments of Dalian about the car about the . Net about vehicle online registration has been completed, the relevant departments in charge of industry audit data are registered vehicles on the Internet, is expected this month will end. The competent authorities of the industry will formulate the plan for the capacity of Dalian to report to the municipal government. After the approval of the Dalian municipal government, in line with the requirements of the about the vehicle, in batches and orderly distribution of road transport permits, and publicity through the media.

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