Beijing recurrence warning haze pollution in some areas up to 500 micrograms cubic meters

since the beginning of winter this year, northern air quality has been low, repeated haze phenomenon. Today, Beijing haze warning issued. The city’s air pollution is serious, some areas may reach 500 micrograms / cubic meter.

12 month 19, North China weather situation tends to stabilize, the emergence of regional air pollution. Affected by this, the weather is calm, cold air, humidity, humidity, temperature rise, inversion, air quality will be achieved and maintained at the level of severe pollution. According to the latest monitoring and forecasting of environmental protection, meteorological departments, heavy air pollution will continue until 22, the morning of 23, affected by cold air, air quality gradually improved.

22 haze weather is the most serious


the Central Meteorological Observatory predicted yesterday, 19 days to 22 days, North Central and southern, northern and Western Huang Huai, air pollution diffusion of meteorological conditions, the re emergence of a moderate to severe haze weather process. Among them, the 22 most severe haze.

23 day gradually improved


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