Entrepreneurial teams need close collaboration

What is the

team, in the current business market, many projects are paid to cooperation of the whole team, only to make the close cooperation business effect more brilliant, look at how to maximum effect of entrepreneurial teams.

is a team, where the poor

?The definition of

NBA n is the N team, a team, a galaxy of talents. We all have goals, and we all say we have a commitment to the goal. But playing the game, there is a seemingly strong team lost to poor performance of the team.

, regardless of the United States of Taiwan, where there are also in the entrepreneurial team, are the best and the brightest, and some good results, but some support for several months.


recently read several articles, let us try to make a discussion on several elements, so that readers can think about it together, whether your office environment, or in a team factors may enhance the


individual wisdom

is a combination of strong cooperation, we would like to see.

1.  average social sensitivity of members

2.  equality of discourse power among members

3.  proportion of female members

translated into the vernacular is:

1.  members generally have social skills who win

2.  team members give full expression of opinion, and in accordance with the opinion of those who do

3.  female members in the team who wins

in all two to five groups, at least one of the female partner team, performance is better than average.

in another by the Spanish university in 2011 to report.

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