Beauty college students aimed at the rural market to start their own businesses

used in the rural areas, there are a lot of young people get married are in accordance with the local traditional marriage custom to get married, but now it is different, because there are a lot of rural young people tend to use when the marriage of western modern wedding customs wedding.

"51" is a real labor day in terms of sensitivity to ray. Due to the holidays, plus days better, many people choose in this day knot, do the wedding Lei Min busy. In April 30th, Lei Min and his colleagues drove into the town of Longma Longqiao County of Sichuan province and Fengwu two place to send wedding equipment, site layout. "51" that day, the soldiers divided into two ways, non-stop running to open, make-up, chair, camera, layout fireworks salute, has been busy until two o’clock p.m..

at the Sichuan Normal University broadcasting professional Lei Min has always wanted to have my own career. In 2006, after graduating from the University of thunder after a period of time to edit the network, he went back to seek opportunities for self employment renshou. The first project is to train a class with friends. Because private education is too difficult to handle the certificate, but also to do a great job in Renshou competition." Lei Min said, six months later, they chose to give up.


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