Graduate Entrepreneurship grasp the hands of the company to start making millions

now severe forms of employment, many college students choose to continue their studies, go on the road, it is very difficult exam, but the business Master but without delay the learning achieved successful entrepreneurial dreams.

entrepreneurship PubMed two not mistake, make millions of Master entrepreneurial venture. This is an unusual summer vacation, say goodbye to the campus, embark on the road of entrepreneurship graduates, more than ever before. The road of entrepreneurship, doomed bumpy, there are successes and failures, we have a school graduate this summer, girls, cattle, her company was founded less than six months, it earned 1 million."


7 at the beginning of the month just graduated from the girls Zhao mud, and compared to other entrepreneurs, is the first step, from the second to the present, she has already had two companies, founded just less than half of the public relations firm, has the profit of nearly one million yuan. While in school juniors are considered her entrepreneurial idol, when, in the enterprise on the upgrade recently, Zhao mud began their study section of the road – the whole summer, in addition to the work, she was also busy preparing for the Fudan University postgraduate exam advertising.

"I venture PubMed is the science of international trade, trade now too many people, a lot of pressure, and my math has been very poor, so in terms of trade is no future. At that time set a goal: their own business." Sophomore year, Zhao mud and a friend of Zhejiang University co founded a cultural and artistic planning company, mainly for some enterprises, such as party planning activities.

"and friends for a year, think to do culture art planning, a very narrow range, the threshold is very low, so there is no competition what. The scope of a wide range of public relations, but also in China, in addition to Beijing, Shanghai has several large public relations companies, other places of public relations development is not mature." Zhao mud talk about the reasons for the establishment of public relations planning company.

2009, Zhao Ni founded his own public relations planning company. Because the company has just started, the scale is small, the office is only a dozen square meters, in an office building. At present, the company has 2 designers, 2 planners, the 3 executives and the staff of the 7.

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