Barbecue entrepreneurial experience

eat, is a major event in life. As the saying goes, hunger breeds discontentment, everyone must have three meals every day, but because people have to pay attention to Disease enters by the mouth., eat barbecue booming industry in recent years, triggered a crowd of people coveted, from the aspects of enterprise is undoubtedly a good direction, then let us to learn from.

1, prominent features, successful foundation

feature is popular in the foundation, baked neck hand pay close attention to product characteristics. In Roast Chicken features: neck bone, bone tender crisp, fragrant roast neck do not spit out the bones. In the wings: outside Giori tender, spicy and delicious, juicy, hemp is a hemp spicy spicy Tougu heart, a heart, a clear fragrant incense. Grilled fish, roast string, bone soup pot, spicy pot, Hot and Sour Rice Noodles, Malatang, special chicken soup, Wujiang fish Hot pot…… With its own characteristics, taste prominent, good products is the last word!

3, emphasizing the barriers, competition unbeaten

self-developed curing material, material for barbecue before baking, pickled and finished seasoning. Baked chicken neck, chicken wings and meat products do not shrink, finished product, attractive color. Meat, compact bone, tender, crisp and thorough. All external barbecue seasoning, after smashing processing technicians, only to join the system in the terminal store distribution supply, not out of the market, so that franchisees in the local champion. At the same time, the headquarters of the strict emphasis on regional protection, to prevent flooding and malicious competition shop.

4, rich varieties, portfolio management

according to the actual business needs in the business shop, barbecue series of products at the same time, also increased the iron, spicy pot, chicken soup, bone soup pot, the characteristics of Wujiang Hot pot, hot and sour fish.

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