Qingming Eve Hefei volunteers gathered in Shushan Martyrs Cemetery

Qingming is approaching, many people will miss the deceased person, people usually go missing by send chrysanthemum. The second session of the "martyrs" million chrysanthemum Festival volunteer service activities held in Shushan revolutionary martyrs cemetery in Hefei City, a number of public organizations and the moral model and good China together with million chrysanthemum "revolutionary martyr memorial" and "China".

9:30 in the morning, the national outstanding five star volunteers, "Chinese good guy" Wang Tao, through the open area of the lake community civilization office staff Huang Chunrong, group executive vice president of Anhui steel works, branch of Lin Yanwu, as well as a large number of "moral model and the good side came to the Shushan revolutionary martyrs mausoleum. The national hero Zhu Xiankang an excellent frontier children presented a scene of civilization sweep, and the late "China the memory of the martyrs of good memory of words," China man "Wang Tao also issued a proposal to protect the ecological environment, do not forget the martyrs and the late" good "volunteers in action proposal.

later, the moral model, Chinese good Wu Xiongfei and hundreds of volunteers together respectively to China "helpfulness good", Hefei city volunteers association of volunteer blood donation "Chinese good Li Yanqing and revolutionary martyrs from flowers, mourning the bow.

it is understood that this event by the Anhui volunteer Federation, good Chinese overseas Chinese Charity Foundation charity charity fund group wire in Anhui branch launched to commemorate the passing of "martyrs" and "Chinese good" to express "of the late martyrs and good grief nostalgia, calling for everyone to participate in the study and publicize the" Chinese. "Good deeds, inspire people to learn from the good side, carry forward the moral model and the spirit of volunteerism, advocating solidarity, mutual progress and civilization new fashion. Event organizers Hefei City People’s Hospital and other common participation in caring for others, dedication to the spirit of social volunteer service delivery.

in this event, we see the participants in the age distribution in different stages, to win people’s recognition. Good Anhui Volunteers Association, "Chinese nice" Wang Tao told reporters in an interview on the eve of the late, Tomb-sweeping Day, visit the "good guys", "let’s have a nice dream", is a very meaningful thing.

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