2015 Amway Gansu branch annual meeting held in Lanzhou

with the rise of the Internet age and entrepreneurial boom hit, the traditional industry has begun to reform and innovation. China direct sales giant Amway Gansu branch in 2015 will be held before the day, thousands of employees to attend the annual meeting, sharing new ideas of entrepreneurship.

2015 in December 12th, the Gansu branch of Amway in the opening in the Gansu Grand Theater, a total of one thousand 500 people attended the annual feast. 2015 coincides with Amway (China) 20 anniversary of the birthday, the whole event brilliant and no lack of warmth, a grand and warm heart.

20 years of glorious bloom

2015 years is not unusual, as the development of direct sales giant track and step affects the hearts of China’s direct selling industry. Today, the development of the times is no longer emphasized the first data, the overall strength of a large number of enterprises will be a strong new impetus for the development of enterprises. At present, Amway (Chinese) has entered the active period of change, in the review of Amway (China) in the history of 20 years of development, reform and innovation achievements of Amway Chinese direct selling giant glory, but also to promote the development of the direct selling industry thriving.

2015 Amway Global Entrepreneurship report

2015 Amway Global Entrepreneurship report by the German Nuremberg GfK Market Research Group, which lasted 4 months, nearly 50 thousand of global respondents conducted by global research, 44 experts as the academic advisor on the research results of research and analysis, is for the public business report at the world within the scope of coverage in most samples the largest amount of.

2015 Amway Global Entrepreneurship report focuses on the main characteristics of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship, and the first introduction of the Amway entrepreneurial index. Amway venture index includes three aspects: 1: the desire of the respondents eager for entrepreneurship; 2, feasible degree: whether respondents have done business preparation; 3, the stability: whether respondents can bear from family, friends and other social entrepreneurship discourage their environmental pressure.


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