What are the Chinese fast food chain marketing all wrong

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, the market of the Chinese fast food chain should have a development opportunity, but many entrepreneurs because the choice of this project and the failure! As for entrepreneurs, the cause of such an outcome is that entrepreneurs had changed the industry marketing mistakes. Next, we will make an analysis of the following problems in the marketing of Chinese fast food chain stores.

(1) research on customer demand is not enough.

(2) Chinese fast food chain which marketing methods are not right? Long term planning is not enough attention.

(3) only emphasize their own products and their characteristics, Chinese fast food chain which marketing methods are not right? Do not pay attention to customer needs, do not consider how to better meet their needs.

(4) lack of sense of urgency when the whole industry is operating well.

(5) strategic decisions only in the operation of serious difficulties to be taken into account, Chinese fast food chain which marketing methods are not right? And even if it is often considered only from the traditional production orientation, product orientation or sales oriented concept, little thought of customer demand.

(6) Chinese fast food restaurant operators often rely on their own experience and subjective speculation to make decisions, which is not the Chinese fast-food chain marketing methods? Some feasibility studies often become a generally childish.

(7) fast food restaurants lack of coordination. Do not cooperate with other counterparts, Chinese fast-food chain which marketing methods are not right? Always think they are right, is important, more important than anyone else.

(8) up and down communication is not enough, the information interruption occurs from time to time, so, between the upper and lower, misunderstanding between the Department of clusters, friction, contradictions. Usually do not pay attention to communication, the problem was solved when piles.

(9) fast food dish herd, Chinese fast food chain which marketing methods? Do not use their brains, just want to take shortcuts to make money.

(10) think that sales is just a matter of sales staff, Chinese fast food chain which marketing methods are not right? Others do not have to intervene and efforts: the concept of sales of Chinese fast food restaurants, the vast majority of people seem out of tune.

This paper is mainly aimed at

when entrepreneurs operating in the Chinese fast food chain, analysis, should pay attention to the details about the project to make the mistake of marketing so for Chinese fast food chain entrepreneurs, when operating the project, must be a lot of attention, only to find the methods of marketing in order to be >.

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