2011 the most awesome project

2011, what the most awesome? Everything is nothing, as well as investment to join, join the project the most awesome also surfaced on the web, open, open the newspaper, can see to help solve the problem of funding, in 2010 loans regardless of expensive cars, housing, or consumption, can solve in the society, and solve the funds already exists the difficulty in the turnover of private lending company.

there are 2010 bank loan project, the social existence of private lending is not legitimate? In order to reassure the public, we made a survey: in the context of the law allows, in general, private lending is legal. It is said that private lending can be divided into private lending activities and loans between citizens and financial enterprises. Private lending activities must strictly abide by the relevant provisions of the state laws and administrative regulations, abide by the principle of mutual assistance and good faith. The lender’s funds must belong to their legitimate income of their own funds, prohibit the transfer of funds borrowed from others. Private lending rates are determined by both parties, but the interest rates negotiated by both parties shall not exceed the state regulations. Borrowing between citizens and enterprises, as long as the parties to express the true meaning can be identified effectively.


all said, around the existence of private lending is very promising. Because the current price fluctuation, the capital turnover not difficult, consumers are optimistic about the opportunity to buy a car or a house.

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