Heating paste to join the brand ten list the whole


health care market Unlimited Business Opportunities, now many women love to do physical therapy, physical therapy is critical in the step is to use paste heating, heating health high quality stickers can make people more trust, which drives the development of heating paste Market, business is business heating paste, a good brand very important, here, Xiaobian introduce heating paste brand to join the top ten list for everyone, to help entrepreneurs better business.

Paste heating is the heating cold fomentation physiotherapy products etc.. Abroad as its daily necessities. Have to resist the cold, health care hot compress effect, is a kind of science and technology products, which itself is to rely on oxidation-reduction reaction (chemical change) release of heat.

heating paste products for flaky patches, from raw materials, gelatin layer, non-woven bag is composed of three parts, the principle of raw materials is oxidized in the air, and release heat. Non woven fabric is characterized by uniform leakage, good permeability; gelatin layer selection of high quality pressure sensitive adhesive, stick firmly, will not pollute the clothes, will not leave too many traces on the clothes.

heating stick brand to join the top 1 List: Kobayashi warm baby


Paste heating brand to join the top ten list is 2: Le Sunle

sunle Sunle (conversion of military industrial system production units, one of the larger enterprises specializing in the production of paste heating of Xinyang Nuclear Industry Hengda Industry Company)

Paste heating brand to join the top ten list of 3: Bobby bear

Paste heating brand to join the top ten list 4: profit

(surplus is mainly engaged in self heating and refrigeration products research and development / production / sales of high-tech enterprise, Shanghai Yingdu Industry Co. Ltd.)

Paste heating brand to join the top ten list: iRIS IRIS


Paste heating brand to join the top ten list: 6 yuan


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