After the typhoon Meranti Xiamen phenomenon serious accident damage

technology in the continuous progress, but in the face of natural disasters, or will encounter many problems, so that our property is damaged, personal safety is threatened. The car is full of "injured" cars. Yesterday, reporters in Xiamen City insurance accident vehicle dismantling Survey Center, see this scene. After the typhoon "Meranti", with the municipal road gradually smooth, survey center ushered in the history of the biggest damage accident of traffic and pedestrian peak.

jumped 4 times the average daily loss on 1000

9 15 October typhoon landed on the same day, survey center is restored to normal operation. Only from 16 to 20, the survey center has completed the vehicle damage 5778 times. This does not include Haicang and Tongan two set point data, in addition, there are road, 4S shop, repair shop at the scene to assess the damage the vehicle is not included.

5778 times what is the concept? As usual, the survey center daily loss of about 300 vehicles, now an average of more than 1 thousand a day, nearly 4 times the number of daily loss. "17 day is the highest peak, because the road gradually smooth." At the scene, a survey center staff said, after the single and double limit line after two days, the vehicle again.

reporter obtained from the Xiamen Insurance Regulatory Bureau data: as of September 20th 17:00, the insurance industry received a total of 54074 auto insurance report, reported a loss of $541 million.

insurance company personnel from the field to support


survey center all 340 parking spaces, these days the vehicle exploded, you have to open around the survey center can be used together. Even so, the scene to divert traffic police, security or busy.

however, the scene survey center is busy but not chaotic. In order to deal with the accident, the insurance company has also opened a temporary rest area and green channel. The reporter saw at the scene yesterday, the insurance company claims survey personnel, each took several owners, wave to wave damage survey.

"from 8:30 in the morning to 10:30 in the evening, lianzhouzhuan. The first day of the peak, there are two or three staff fainted." Survey Center staff said, until yesterday, survey center has no electricity, the existing power by the generator, "open from morning to night, really afraid of generators’ strike’".

after the typhoon in Xiamen, there are a lot of cars were lost, for such losses, the insurance company is one of the arrangements for claims. It is reported that, in order to deal with the tense vehicle claims, a number of insurance companies are recommended