After 90 years of venture capital valuation of billions of dollars

now business has become a major theme in today’s society, at the same time, there are a lot of people have an entrepreneurial idea, next to introduce such a 90 students can entrepreneurs is very great.


so, two people opened several overweeningly ambitious lattice shop in the school, the two people think this is a bright future starting point, however, against coming soon. Two people have no entrepreneurial experience do not understand business, shop lost thousands of dollars, for the junior high school home opened factories in the bankruptcy of Wang Ruixu, is a huge figure. Two people to the store to rent after the pocket only 50 Fen, had to run to Chaozhou folks out there for dinner on, failure and frustration arise spontaneously in Wang Ruixu’s heart.

and blow did not end. In 2013, two people founded nine tail Mdt InfoTech Ltd, established a 15 person start-up team, Wang Ruixu as CEO, girlfriend Aiyi Zhen as COO. In September the company introduced a part-time cat APP, but the character of a low-key calm Wang Ruixu in a long period of time did not get the investment. For the full 6 months they have no income, which makes the whole team of part-time cats are in a state of confusion.

however, two people did not get the support of family and friends. Wang Ruixu hope his family in the civil service exam, do not go home the old road, and recommend

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