Buffet hot pot

because the food and beverage market is a hot pot catering business projects, many investors compete to join. But in the process of joining will always have this or that problem occurs, for this small series for everyone to sum up a few common problems, hoping to help the hot pot.

first, to join the high cost of self-help hot pot


join self-help Hot pot high investment cost? I believe this is one of the many investment friends are most concerned about the issue, if you are ready to choose self-help Hot pot shop investment case, then open a self-help Hot pot shop investment? The decoration and equipment investment in specific places


self-service chafing dish is different from the traditional chafing dish shop, the self-service chafing dish does not need the menu, and needs fewer waiters. Because the self-service hot pot restaurant in the service content and the form and the traditional chafing dish shop has the very big difference, therefore the self-service chafing dish shop design also has many places which needs to pay attention. Mainly: adequate space, proper partition, spacious corridor, etc..

general self-service hot pot decoration is simple, compared with the high-end investment in high-end hot pot investment is relatively low; self-service hot pot at low prices, rich dishes, hot dining environment to attract consumers. Hot pot from the choice of materials, materials processing, food types, services and management methods are completely subvert the traditional model of hot pot; highlight delicious, fashion, nutrition, health, a new model of food and beverage.

two, how to join the hot pot, make money?

hot pot to join, I have to say that the hot pot is a very popular dining mode. Do it yourself, do not need to add hot pot restaurant waiter, what they want to eat what to eat, how much you want to eat. Dozens of rich dishes, as well as fruits, snacks, drinks, eat buffet really make people happy. The popularity of self-service hot pot, promote the rise of self-help hot pot.

hot pot compared to the general hotpot advantage is also very obvious:

1, Hot pot buffet dining has broken the traditional menu type Hot pot monopolized situation. A new way to increase the interaction between diners and dishes, so that diners can choose more self-service dishes.

2, dining in the form of new, especially by young people like, the current development of the market to help enterprises to join the hot pot in the young market performance is very eye-catching.

3, form a lot of different forms of self-service hot pot. A lot of investors ask clever effort to join the hot pot is to take advantage of its hot pot, innovative experience will always make consumers feel satisfied.

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