How to open a personalized shoe store

now a lot of 80, 90 are like the pursuit of unconventional, like personality, creative stuff, which also allows a lot of money to do business friends to see the unlimited opportunities for the personality market. So, open individual character shoe store is a very good investment project, how to open a personality shoe store after all? Let’s take a look at it.

A: emotional entrepreneurs.

can be divided into two categories: one is the water to the canal forming, such people with professional skills, training, start from the basis, through the operating phase of the company, strong; two is to stop, look and listen, they are not eager to invest, to sell the hearts still doubt, want to go through all kinds of channels, to find the best form.

Three: the above two kinds of comprehensive entrepreneurs, with romantic entrepreneurs.

2. shop success rate is much higher than the United States on the success rate of the shop had been investigated, the results show that the success of the franchise system to join the shop is about 80%, the proportion of independent shop success accounted for about 20%.

3.  if asked what you want to open what clothing store, you can immediately answer? If not a spectrum, while the open trade shop, while open brand stores, while they would like to open a children’s shoe store, like the hearts of a 15 bucket as if following an unsettled state of mind., suggestion, offer you do reference.

kuhao if you have refined tastes of items, second-hand boutiques, shoe boutique, brand franchise.

if you extremely sensitive, loving family, love.

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