How do you want to sell cigarettes three jobs

said that although every shop operators hope that their products can store hot sale, however, take the shop selling cigarettes, cigarette selling shop, is located in the station, markets and other downtown stores. My shop is located in remote rural areas, originally due to geographical location, will also be able to sell cigarettes a day at most a half a pack of ten. Dismal business situation forced me at the time, had to use their brains to find a recipe for breakthrough. After a period of unremitting efforts and exploration, I finally got some successful selling experience, problem of completely cracked cigarettes can not sell, and then enter the top fifty cigarette sales.

to display sales dipping

reasonable commodity display, with the display of goods, stimulate sales, easy to buy, beautify the shopping environment and other important role. In all the current display technology, "to display" is the most of the sales force. What is the occasion to display? Is on display through time, through psychological and hitchhiking and other means, to obtain the customer’s attention, the display method so as to increase product sales force.

my cigarette display method, in addition to like everyone else will be displayed in the cigarette smoke display cabinet, so that customers easy to pick out. This not only improves the contrast "Hi cabinets" auspicious theme, but also to buy wedding wedding, an easy job to do to guide customers to buy on the spot, the wedding festival with smoke. Of course, there must be a mix of stress, after the match with each other to set off the effect, we should pay attention to the use of different elements, to correspond to different themes.

"is the biggest selling occasion" can be targeted to consumers, they will have the potential to cigarettes, through they are buying goods to close to them, and actively attract them, so they have to buy.

to award on behalf of the line fishing

each customer has a natural heart, in order to make them willing to pay to buy our goods, we must know how to give them to meet them. In order to win over consumers, we had many shopkeepers to capital price, discount promotions, this method definitely no doubt that to enhance the popularity of help, but it is difficult to have in want of perfection, further appreciation of space.

in order to tie down customers, guide them to the store of secondary consumption. A few days ago, there is a customer said the father to a birthday, to my store to buy 10 boxes of a brand of liquor. I sold him on the basis of the guidance price of the factory, each box of liquor reward him 2 packs of new cigarettes. Customers get the reward is very happy to go back after second days, and fold back to buy the 8. He said to me like this: he was going to buy a birthday dinner at 10 at the door of the store

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