How can a poor man become a 1 million developer

success in fact everyone in the side, to see if you are good at finding the eyes. James  Altucher is an investor, programmer, entrepreneur, he recently interviewed the founder of Braintree Bryan, showing us a poor story into a $1 million developer story.

Braintree is an online and mobile platform has the force of online payment gateway providers, known as PayPal’s new rival. Recently, I called it’s founder, his name is Bryan. You may not have heard of this name, but you must have heard it in the credit card transaction and the mobile payment Client Name: Rovio/  Angry  Birds, Uber, 37signals, OpenTable, Fab, GitHub, Airbnb, Shopify, HotelTonight etc..

2007 was Sears’s manager at the time of Bryan, but he quit to start his own startup. He said "I don’t really love the job, never try to get a fixed salary, in credit card processing programs before I work as a salesperson, where I met a lot of restaurants and retailers to turn them into the business of the company,   soon after, I think I can do it yourself, rather than working for another company."  , and in two years I finally made 1 million, and the last two years I have learned is the following 7 points.

1.  let the middleman out

After the resignation of

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