Potatoes wishes to join the superior performance of food

now say what kind of food do small business is good, can tell you what kind of business is not good to do, but what kind of business are good, as long as you are willing to carefully choose their own business projects, everything will be handy. The most important thing is to do a good job in the restaurant brand, as long as you only mind for consumers, consumers will naturally remember in mind.

potato wish series food production process is simple, delicate, ingredients selection. Do not use any chemical additives, varieties of taste nutritional diversity, also choose the corresponding pumpkin, blueberry, purple sweet potato, taro, tea, almond etc.. Fresh and fragrant, crisp aftertaste. And the technology is simple and easy to learn, 3 – 7 days to master. Shop area requirements are not high, 5 square meters can be operated, not only the location of flexible and small overall investment operations. Potatoes desire to join the main advantages of food items are the following three points:

rich in taste, suitable for young and old

Wish the signature series

potatoes with exotic delicacy, barbecue, Italian pizza, Egg Tart, Japanese sushi, Hong Kong Style drink, Taiwan fried chicken meatball burning delicacy hamburger meal Hong Kong Style dessert in the world known famous delicacy product portfolio sales, not only can make the customer enjoy the taste of French fries at the same time and choose a more suitable flavor snacks, but also improve the product sales outlets, increase profits return! On-site production, transparent process, customer trust, customer pursuit, unique taste, not only nutritional needs for the elderly children, more suitable for white-collar workers for health and fast requirements.

Seiko, health

potatoes will be strictly for the selection of ingredients, secret system of nutritional formula, so that each diners enjoy delicious at the same time also get a green and healthy enjoyment. The production process is more environmentally friendly, each process are strictly refined, so that the absolute standardization.

flexible operation, diverse models

potatoes wish flexible mode of operation, not only can takeaway business, sit store sales, can be sold in the canteen or batch into supermarkets, canteens, whether it is morning in school, shopping malls or commercial areas surrounding the sale, or at delivery, shop for sale, will allow you to lucrative, houguwuyou.

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