GirlUp for beauty entrepreneurs name

women have been the main consumer of many consumer markets, as more women understand women entrepreneurs, they are generally optimistic about the cause of future development. Women entrepreneurs help agencies have sprung up everywhere, all indicates that the era of women entrepreneurs have arrived.

"beautiful like strength", use these words to describe Wu Jing Amy and her GirlUp beauty seems to be appropriate entrepreneurial workshops. Prior to founding GirlUp, Amy in xuanya "ELLE" magazine, the famous media group BBDO’s international communication work, then their entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial experience also let Amy know about women’s entrepreneurship exists much market and pain point.

"female entrepreneurs will be more difficult than male entrepreneurs, because I am female entrepreneurs, will be more deep perception of women need to help in the process of entrepreneurship." Amy said to reporters.

"to help more entrepreneurs want and are undertaking the girl", this is the founder of Amy GirlUp in the beginning of the heart, the girls in the course of business need more help than boys, and accompany the circle…… This is the value and significance of the existence of the third party GirlUp.

Beauty incubator  


Amy to start a state reporter explained, GirlUp first to give their positioning is to be different from others, which can be seen from our office location." GirlUp’s headquarters is located in the East Second Ring Road near the Lama Temple alley, where the decoration style is more like a "playground", rather than the incubator; this style and many incubators have innovation and difference, "because the object we hatch and help women, we require the project founder or partner to a woman, if the founder is male, but his entrepreneurial projects must and women and women’s market and related industries. The same object and service industry, but also make us more consistent words and deeds: trying to create a female founder, the project and the experience of female products center."

is one of the leading female consumer market, which means that GirlUp paid attention to the project mostly rely on the Internet thinking, entrepreneurial innovation in the "basic necessities of life" and other factors, along with the upgrading of consumption, consumption of entrepreneurs need more emotional factors to promote female entrepreneurs in this area have a natural advantage.

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