The end of the hotel industry insiders affirmed

2016 years, many units will begin the implementation of the 2.5 Day holiday system, gradually spawned the development of short distance travel. Prospects for the end of the hotel industry is generally optimistic about the prospects.

Third, due to the Econo Hotel as the original platform in the end for the hotel development, so practitioners to change the concept of becoming another uncertainty.

insiders said, the end of the hotel in 2015 will set off a revolution.

in the new ones, because of the brand and new product launch time is limited, the supply is not large, the new brand is not to fight hand to hand with state, but they erode the traditional two, Samsung hotel market speed and the ability to be optimistic. On how to compete for market share, industry experts believe that as a new product system, the common mission of the brand at this stage is the rapid education market, contributing to consumer awareness, and guide the transfer of values.

in the hotel industry needs a certain capital, the majority of entrepreneurs to carry out entrepreneurial career best as soon as possible, so that by the current venture capital support policy, entrepreneurship development tour.

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