How to develop professional shopping guide

bedding stores need to train qualified management personnel, to provide consumers with professional service, so as to improve store profitability. Each shop needs to have professional shopping guide, home textile shop how to train professional sales staff? This is the focus of attention of franchisees. Xiaobian finishing a few points, hoping to help you do a good business.

The expression of

with excellent verbal ability: words are foreign things, is the main way to supply information to communicate feelings, verbal expression is very important for the business, is directly related to the benefits of bedding stores, should speak Mandarin, can not use the service taboo, talk to moderate, should grasp the good mood, affectionate, honest, polite and natural. For people to call for different customers to use properly, not the same polite speech, sensitive grasp.

The surface of

attractive: dress neat, style, beautiful appearance, simple expressions are honest, neither strong nor dull expressionless smile. Elegant natural, not dyed hair, with unkempt face, riotous with colour no nail polish, perfume, not with precious decorations. Makeup is natural, not artificial. A keen sense of observation: Brown salesperson need to "read" the function of the surface after customer identity, for different customers, recommend different bedding, so the turnover rate will be higher.

how to get a good profit? Professional shopping guide is indispensable. About personnel management, each operator needs to learn the skills, so as to improve the quality of service in the store, to attract the attention of consumers. If you have any questions about the above, you can consult more details.

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