The development of animal husbandry four non orthodox crooked ways

agriculture and animal husbandry is a traditional industry in China, people can’t live without them. At the same time, the development of these two industries along with the development. Now rural entrepreneurship has found its own path of development, and how to carry out innovation and upgrading of animal husbandry?


"wrong door": Livestock brand

first to practice the animal husbandry "martial arts" is the brand. This is a good product of consumer associations and memory, is the credibility of the producer logo and endorsement.

ever said, is not afraid of deep alley, and now it is also afraid of deep alley, not only need to build brand industry, animal husbandry products also need to brand. With the diversification of the high-end crowd people in modern society needs to rely on the high degree of brand, provide the basis for animal husbandry brand, brand to get rid of the relatively low efficiency of animal husbandry hat, has become a powerful weapon against the market.

"wrong door" two: animal husbandry processing

"crooked door three: animal intelligence technology