Entrepreneurial winter or let 70% companies die

venture capital investment in the winter is very popular, New Oriental chairman Yu Minhong also accept this argument. And he also made it clear that this year there will be 70% start-up companies will die in the capital of winter.

"in 2016 Chinese entrepreneurial experience a winter, there will be 60%-70% deaths", "some say Sheng Xitai the partner than Xu Xiaoping and Wang Qianghao told me, this is completely is the title of the party". In January 20th, said the New Oriental chairman, Hong Thai fund founding partner Yu Minhong annual meeting in Shan Street No. 0 and hosted on the server business.

Yu Minhong appears in the removal of government support for entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial success also need to take care of four people.

Second, founder. The founders themselves have to have two characteristics, the first is smart, and the second is generous, Ma who has these features can be successful.

Third, partner. Yu Minhong believes that the different partners have different characteristics, "Xu Xiaoping, Wang Qiang belongs to the strong ability of speech, and Sheng with the Enterprising Ability of people belonging to the Hittites, different times to look for different partners, target career and move feeling to be consistent.

At present, the

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