The development trend of ice cream Market

ice cream has experienced a very rapid development stage in the Chinese market today, China ice cream market has been relatively mature, but the breakthrough innovation continues, according to the change of market demand will show a new trend. Next, we will explore the development trend of ice cream market.

1, the development of health care ice cream: health care ice cream is to enhance human health for the purpose of ice cream. Throughout the traditional ice cream products, mainly with high sugar, high fat, high calorie, and the future development trend of food is to meet the requirements of people’s nutrition. To this end, he has a nutritionist put forward the "three low and one high", namely, low sugar, low salt, low fat, high protein, which is also the trend of development of ice cream industry.

2, the development of new materials: the traditional taste and flavor of ice cream are accepted by people, in which fat, sugar is the main role. But they contain a lot of calories, not too much food. To this end, they need their substitutes, so that it has the taste of fat and sugar but a small amount of heat. In addition, non fat milk solids, Europe and the United States and other countries have been using milk protein content of 35% protein concentrate instead of some skim milk powder production of dairy products.

3, the raw materials of dairy products: return to natural raw materials of many materials, there are two main categories: one is natural, is taken from the animals and plants in nature, such as milk, eggs and sugar; the other is synthetic, such as saccharin sodium and some flavor. Due to the synthesis of raw materials for artificial chemical synthesis, its safety is often criticized by people, in the use of the heart is always not practical.

4, product packaging tends to the United States, the new trend, the odd: in the increasingly economic development today, people pay attention to the quality of the product in addition to the inherent quality, but also hope that in the packaging of the product has been reformed, a breakthrough. Packaging mainly includes modeling and packaging. Packaging modeling has a great effect on the sales of products. The beauty of modeling is the synthesis of the overall aesthetic feeling of the product. Therefore, he has in the ice cream packaging innovation, continuous development and change of economic and social adaptation.

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