Roley home textile industry in a dazzling star

with the improvement of the quality of life, home textile industry began to receive attention, many families are very picky about the choice of home textiles. Textile industry can be divided into three categories: home textiles, industrial textiles and clothing.

advantage of less than

Luolai published prospectus, the key financial indicators in recent years the company leader in the same industry, has obvious competitive advantage. However, as the saying goes: Every bean has its black., is also the case for the company. Behind the financial indicators beautiful, we can find some problems of the U.S. – China:

first, a transfer of shares by the end of 2006 the company has always been questioned. At that time, the company’s shareholders Gu Qingsheng to 5 million yuan to transfer the price of a stake of up to 38.53%, but in accordance with the value of the net assets at the time, the corresponding value of the pen is $47 million 850 thousand. Transaction prices far below fair value, causing speculation outside.

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