Liu Qing let life like the pretzel full and plump

What is

a burrito? Almost everyone will say it’s full. While Liu Qing will roll made positive energy output of the props, and create their own career, get the two angel investment favored.

The universe is the first

universe rolls the core of a single product is "rolls", currently has three stores in Beijing, Wudaokou and other regions, because the only rolls so that each store area is not large. From the product perspective, the universe has always insisted on cooking tacos, burritos, is the traditional dishes to roll the cake, the main sales channel for delivery. In the opinion of the shopkeeper Raiders, previously the universe burrito pattern mainly encountered two big problems:

the standardization, the biggest pain point for the operation of

The previous model

And the problem of human resources to the standard

in this period almost played a negative role complementary ", high mobility staff makes standardization difficult, and high liquidity in the role but also greatly improve the training cost of pursuing the standard. When the universe rolls Liu Qing’s own words is often "Press played a gourd dipper", always have to deal with all the things.

now the universe rolls to get a new round of financing is the core of the "fully adjusted their operating structure, on the premise of the taste of the universe rolls its supply chain, the kitchen, human resource management have made great adjustment recommendation

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