Northeast Normal University Entrepreneurship Forum ignite entrepreneurial passion

The cornerstone of

double construction activities is talent, when students start to become a social mainstream, all colleges and universities will initially focus on employment education on entrepreneurial skills training, aiming for the new period to cultivate successful innovative entrepreneurs.

before the report hall of the Northeast Normal University business school All seats are occupied., is a special report. The report of the speaker is Sheng Jiaqi, chairman of Jilin province Enda Biotechnology Co. ltd.. I would like to be a civil servant, is’ Entrepreneurship ‘lit my entrepreneurial passion, let me embark on the road of entrepreneurship. After the start, his alma mater and guide me to a broader market and a higher level of entrepreneurial platform." Sheng Jiaqi said.

"business class" is a number of Northeast Normal University Innovation and entrepreneurship education practice. Over the years, the Northeast Normal University adhere to the use of innovation to guide entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship to promote employment, pay attention to the majority of students innovation and entrepreneurship and ability training, and strive to become a student entrepreneurial route lighthouse".

top design: to achieve the "highest lookout"

"in innovation and entrepreneurship education in Colleges and universities, our school from the national personnel training and social sustainable development strategy, is to" double top design talent training." Northeast Normal University Party Secretary Yang Xiaohui said.


research first: start intelligent navigation

Entrepreneurial practice

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