Shenyang two business competition successfully ushered in the end of all walks of life

focus on the development of entrepreneurship in the northeast, Shenyang recently held a two entrepreneurial contest finals, indicating that Shenyang has become an important base for the development of entrepreneurship. Shenyang Miyoshi street also provides reliable support for local entrepreneurial projects settled.

"Chinese good project" in Northeast China Venture contest, from the 108 northeastern provinces selected 24 strong, all the way through after ups. The final scene, the 7 China good project was immediately signed investment intentions, signed a total of more than 110 million yuan.


signed by the project responsible person said, the future will project landing Street Street Heping District entrepreneurial innovation "".

It is reported that the event hosted

, a platform, one side of the street, has been officially settled in. This platform brings together all types of business resources, services more than 5000, the future will help "Sanhao Street entrepreneurial innovation" found more "Chinese good project", to provide diversified services for entrepreneurship and innovation projects jointly with the local government, to meet the new needs of entrepreneurship and innovation.

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