How to do a drunken encounter shop

once opened the door to start a business, what kind of people are likely to encounter. If the owner, want to protect the normal operation of the store, naturally also need to master a certain business skills, know how to face these drunken guests. In short, we open the door, it is inevitable to encounter some high customer drink. These customers under the influence of alcohol light is very excited, can not control their own heavy talk rubbish; mood, and even some excesses, directly influence and threat to our store of property and personal safety of employees.

wine high generally "vanity, proud as Lucifer" thought. When receiving this kind of customer, want to use their psychology, and not a positive conflict. Once, a drunken stumble into the customer touch my supermarket, said to have a pack of 45 yuan hard "Chinese" smoke. I see his clothes and temperament is not just local ruffians rogue, drinking too much, so he went to meet a smile said to him: "no problem, you see this big brother is really humorous, who says you have no money no credit to you, this man is really never seen the world."

this cheap compliment, to a large extent to meet the drunk because of alcohol and inflated vanity. He sailed from his pocket a wad of hundred dollar bills, said: "the boss eye ah, but my company’s chief manager. Come on, give me two more ‘Chinese’ cigarettes to take away!"

if you encounter those "drinking wine madman", we must understand the "heroic wine" this truth. First of all, to the prohibition wise "drunk passenger hero" weakness, we can give him a cigarette or a bottle of beverage, in order to alleviate his already distorted mind. To have been what he had damaged temporarily not going to blame, so as not to stimulate him again hit her, causing a greater loss. Secondly, the police quickly and quietly, waiting for the arrival of the police to restrain and deal with drunk passengers.

is also a very important point, which is a lot of shops have not attached importance to. So, here the way to remind you pay attention to one thing: for drunken persons, although the law does not compel us retail businesses to give them special care, but we have an obligation to comply with the safety requirements of the facilities or equipment, and set the necessary warning or necessary advice, for the customer to explain the drunk. Prevent the excessive drinking, drunk unconscious, fall damage and even cause cerebral hemorrhage such incidents, causing unnecessary trouble.

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