Micro business how monthly income over one million

WeChat to bring convenience to people chat, but also to do a lot of people who do not have a good micro business, there is no lack of micro friends around, but can not do a good job, but for a long time varies from person to person. Today’s leading actress micro business monthly income of over 10000 and returned to leukemia patients donations.

when after 70, 80 after 90 is still criticized not to play a generation of selfish, a lot of 90 has been used to show their own actions to the world, only 90 of the play and sense of responsibility! 2015 90 may have been young perhaps may still be in high and vigorous spirits to study, but the same is, whatever a starting point, they have not set foot on the journey in the footsteps of slack.

The news media reported the day before

touched countless people, also let us see the news from 90 to sweat and selfless love! The little girl do 94 years Yuchen derivative million per month, supported by the leukemia children, the following is a reporter for this stubborn little girl to interview.

look at the 21 year old after 90 female micro business entrepreneurs story:

2015, only nominal 21 pluvial celestial bodies, since childhood family was good though, but she compared with the age of the person can be said to be "rich social experience". Because the personality is particularly strong, like to take their own ideas, personality is also very independent.

2013 at the beginning of the university when she did not want to rely on the home, want to complete their dream of independent sports car, then do a lot of investigation after the use of the network to start a micro business skin care products. At the beginning of the little girl because of the lack of experience but also eat a lot of suffering, many people do not believe that her skin care quality and effect, the little girl is very atmospheric and willing, then free to many friends around, with their own and regularly in the online social networking circle of friends, friends use renderings will use the feedback changes every day. It wasn’t long before she received the first single second single business, and gradually developed into each month into the tens of thousands, they can not only support their own school fees, to the family bought a lot of gifts and supplements. The beginning of the 14 year of her monthly income exceeded 500 thousand, completed his dream car, also because of this she began to pay attention to the micro business, can not take into account the time in school, she decided to quit school.

today, to set up his own company, do let the envy of all the young female boss. To say to yourself because the burden of responsibility is more important, do the company after her more careful planning to walk every step she continued innovation and development of micro business team of their own, they help their agents at all levels below to find their own dreams, and help them to realize their dreams. Now the team has a few people at the beginning of the development of more than 1 thousand and 600 people, she regularly training is not sloppy, and the number is still rising.