What will become of Wuxi in the next 15 years

Wuxi as a more developed city in Jiangsu Province, the local heavy industry development is better, but in the economic construction of the road, Wuxi continue to vigorously develop, recommend the city’s overall planning. So in the next 15 years, Wuxi will become what look like? Yesterday afternoon, "Wuxi city master plan (2016 – 2030)" work mobilization meeting held, comprehensive arrangements and deployment work tasks, mobilize the community to support and participate in the preparation work for the construction of "strong rich makall" new Wuxi blueprint, laying a solid foundation. Mayor Wang Quan, vice mayor of the city, the Secretary General of the municipal government to attend the meeting, Mr. Ye Qinliang, Mr. Zhu Aixun.

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reports, to complete the current city of Wuxi overall planning compiled in 2002, since 2009 approved by the State Council, the implementation of better implementation of the overall orientation of the construction of the Yangtze River Delta Center City, historical and cultural city and tourist city, played a positive role in guiding the development of Wuxi city. The first half of this year, Wuxi City, the successful completion of the current planning assessment, select the representative of city planning in China the highest level of China city planning and Design Institute to undertake the task of compiling, a new round of overall planning into the concrete operational stage.

Wang Quan pointed out that the preparation of a new round of the overall planning of the city, is the city of Wuxi in the "13th Five-Year" at the beginning of the year to start the implementation of a strategic project, Wuxi is the inevitable requirement of implementing the spirit of the central work conference and the province, the city municipal Party committee’s decision to deploy, active docking and integration "in urgent need of development planning" group the Yangtze River Delta city, is the fundamental guarantee for the implementation of the innovation strategy and industrial strong city strategy, is to enable people to enjoy more important initiatives to gain a sense of the. All localities and departments should stand in the overall and strategic height, the total planning as a key task realistically grasp the current.

Wang Quan on the high starting point, high standards for the preparation of the overall urban planning specific requirements. He said that a new round of overall planning to a comprehensive summary of "fifteen" to "12th Five-Year" Wuxi urban and rural construction achievements, scientific grasp the stage of economic structure transformation and power transformation, accelerate research to solve the key problems in the development of city construction, focuses on the "optimization of city space, to achieve green development, improve the city function, the connotation of outstanding characteristics, focusing the urban and rural areas, expanding the capacity of the city and other six questions.

all localities and departments should be strictly in accordance with the overall planning, strengthen organizational leadership, improve the preparation methods, strengthen the cohesion, completed on time related tasks, develop a reflects the characteristics of the times and the characteristics of Wuxi, stand the test of history and practice of city planning.

At the

meeting, the City Planning Bureau reported on the background of the overall urban planning preparation and the progress of the previous stage, the Chinese urban planning and Design Institute on the data collection made a specific description.

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