Wuhu Kechuang center was identified as Anhui province Small and micro businesses entrepreneurial bas

now the whole countries are actively promoting entrepreneurship, especially support Small and micro businesses in some social entrepreneurship activities, recently, Anhui Wuhu Branch Center of Anhui province has been identified as Small and micro businesses innovation base.

as Small and micro businesses entrepreneurial base, Wuhu innovation center has been uphold "based on the service of the city park, Small and micro businesses innovation" concept, to provide staff training, marketing, management consulting and other business counseling for entrepreneurs and Small and micro businesses; to provide full service in the industrial and commercial registration, tax registration, policy advocacy, information consulting, investment and financing etc..

is now a popular innovation and the pioneering era, in such a new era, entrepreneurial activity in the society as a whole has become very common, at the same time, to create the social nature of the innovation center will also help promote people entrepreneurship.


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