Tens of thousands of migratory birds migrate to Beijing’s largest wetland nature reserve

tens of thousands of migratory birds will migrate to the largest wetland nature reserve in Beijing     with the winter footsteps approaching, the annual migratory birds began. Yanqing Lake Wetland Nature Reserve in Beijing, as a vast area of wetlands, is one of the destinations of migratory birds. In the near future, there will be tens of thousands of guests coming from afar".

Beijing area is the largest wetland nature reserve of Yanqing Wild Duck Lake Wetland Nature Reserve recently ushered in the first winter migratory bird. According to the monitoring of protected areas, there are more than 70 species of migratory birds, the number reached tens of thousands.


area is bleak winter, a vibrant scene is located in Beijing District of Yanqing wild duck lake wetland nature reserve. The Shanghai gull, gull, mallard, frolicking in the sky gathering in crowds and groups, leisurely crane, swan, Gadwall.

Lake Wetland Nature Reserve monitoring staff Fang Chun introduction, this year’s winter migration time slightly earlier than the past 10 days or so. The newly discovered last year whooperswan this year has been detected 7; crane group has more than and 300 one-time monitoring to only more than 1 thousand, bean group than in previous years, the overall number increased slightly. As of now, protected areas have been monitored by crane, swan, Little Swan, mute swan, black Headed Gull, gull, gull, Gadwall and other 70 kinds of tens of thousands of birds.

it is understood that every year at the beginning of November year 2 to March, reserves will be a large number of winter birds in winter. This year’s peak is expected to occur in the middle of this month. Migratory birds usually stay in the lake for about two months, rest and replenish their strength, and then move southward.

because of the cold weather in winter, encountered bad weather, many birds can not feed, will encounter difficulties in survival. To this end, the reserve staff will carry out artificial feeding, to ensure the food supply of birds in winter. Once the injured birds, emergency measures will also be taken.

According to the 2016

new wild duck lake birds recently released the latest list "and", wild duck lake wetland nature reserve of birds of 18 orders 61 families and 302 species, including 10 species of animal protection at the national level, two national protected animal 42, accounting for more than 60% bird species in Beijing city.

birds foreplay is a natural phenomenon, but as people pay close attention to natural deepening, this phenomenon is becoming more and more interested in. Yanqing Lake Wetland Nature Reserve is about to usher in tens of thousands of winter migratory birds, will bring more surprises to the winter in Beijing.

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