Zhanyi County Yunnan December to complete the construction of rural Taobao project

rural electricity supplier has become a new potential project for Rural Entrepreneurship in rural areas, the rise of rural electricity supplier with the effective use of rural resources. Alibaba led by the rural Taobao strategic projects, so that the development of rural agriculture to usher in new changes.

the county through policy guidance, demonstration and guidance, etc. interests to attract, encourage and support all types of employment focus groups. Party and government cadres, institutions play knowledge, expertise and experience advantage, striving to encourage entrepreneurship and innovation leader, all kinds of professional and technical personnel, college graduates and demobilized soldiers to join the wave of entrepreneurship. Departments at all levels of the enterprise as the leading innovation and entrepreneurship, the full support of Qujing power plant, Dongyuan aluminum Yunwei, such as the backbone of enterprise development at the same time, the implementation of cultivating engineering two 100 thousand yuan of micro enterprises, promote the rapid growth of market players.

the county in accordance with the "unlimited entry principle, the relaxation of newly registered enterprises registered places to promote conditions, according to a multi site, cluster registration reform, implementation of business license, organization code certificate and tax registration certificate of" three in one ", the registration of individual industrial and commercial households and partnerships, owned enterprises without contribution limit, entrepreneurship in the registered capital of 200 thousand yuan less than the actual amount of investment Small and micro businesses to implement the" zero Shoufu "new deal. Implementation of the loan free help fill, entrepreneurship subsidies, social security subsidies, e-commerce sales subsidies and other entrepreneurial support policies and tax incentives.

the county, optimize the environment for innovation, to encourage all types of industrial parks, enterprises and other organizations through building, building, building, building business park and incubator. To accelerate the development of Qujing e-commerce business park, the establishment of Zhanyi County entrepreneurial guidance service center, the establishment of dedicated service area, relying on the entrepreneurial innovation agglomeration, park service window, cultivate 1 – 2 with the characteristics of Zhanyi’s mass business platform, online and offline to create a comprehensive service, to provide low-cost, convenient, full elements of service. Organize the public employment service "into the campus, into the park, into the community" activities, build campus service station, Park Service Center, community service stations employment service platform, according to the needs of different groups, regularly entrepreneurial aspirations of college graduates, rural labor transfer, laid-off workers organized entrepreneurship training, providing employment the entrepreneurship policy advisory services and support efficient, convenient and accurate.

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