Presentation skills of exhibitors

in today’s society, some exhibition business, the company’s product promotion is very helpful, at the same time, in a lot of places now lost exhibitions will invite some social enterprises to participate in, so how to promote their products in the process to participate in the exhibition of the


enterprises to participate in the exhibition the exhibition is very common, itself is a kind of publicity, to make full use of the exhibition is short and precious time to focus on the campaign, exhibitors must do product introduction:

pictures and the manual: can let visitors further understand the product beyond information display products, in addition, manufacturers can provide video, CD-ROM, single page catalogue, price list of products to the purchaser at the venue, and the distribution of essential enterprise name card. Pay attention to the basic contact elements such as telephone number, address, pager, zip code, address and so on.


"propaganda: exhibitors also participating in, making their own publicity to advertise on the Internet and Web links, improve the visibility of their products, and discusses the technical problems with their customers on the Internet, meet in the talks during the exhibition.

Preparation of

enterprises to participate in the activities of the exhibition, sales promotion is particularly important, especially in today’s society, the exhibition has become an important means of product sales, some enterprises in time to participate in the activities of the exhibition to seize some opportunities like this must be.


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