Liu Haoshu from the workers to entrepreneurs from good luck

every entrepreneurial success on the road are filled with the sweat of entrepreneurs, perseverance and perseverance to become their common characteristics. With 5 years time, Liu Haoshu from the migrant workers into entrepreneurs, realize their dreams.

"in the face of this new era of entrepreneurial tide, a lot of pressure, to see a lot of things, I also began to adjust for three years after tomorrow to do some. The product sold to the hands of customers, and can not meet themselves, to see people around you smile let me feel the charm of the cause." This is the 29 year old Liu Haoshu wrote in the words of micro-blog. For him, from time to time in the social platform to say one or two sentences, both to express feelings, but also to their own cheer. Venture 5 years, he persevered.

let entrepreneurial dreams into reality

stem from sales, repair the computer, run around insurance to work, to open shop set up his own company, Liu Haoshu spent 5 years of time, let the entrepreneurial dream into reality. In the past I was a otaku, simply do not communicate with people, then in an electrical appliance company salesman, will not communicate means that the task can not be completed." 3 month internship is coming to an end, the provisions of the performance of Liu Haoshu apparently couldn’t finish, so he put the sales of home appliances sales price put on the network, this thinking shortcut finished task, did not expect to be found for other dealers, the company in trouble.

"when thinking about the work must be finished, doomed. I did not expect the leadership that I have the potential for network sales, I arranged in the network department training." Liu Haoshu told reporters that this work allows him to experience the challenges and achievements. Life seems to be able to move forward in such a step by step, but in the heart of Liu Haoshu, there has been a restless seeds, that is to have a company of their own.

"entrepreneurial ideas developed in the past 5 years, a thing to make it from the dream into reality." Liu Haoshu memories, in 2012, his father died of illness, spent 430 thousand of the treatment, the whole family was hollowed out. At that time felt the pressure of life, to support the whole family, but also to get married later, a series of problems in front of the work to others apparently not." Liu Haoshu told reporters.

started on the mountain on the threshold in

start to determine the direction of the field of electricity providers, the platform also set up can really start doing it difficult. "Work for others and their own boss is completely different, do not mean that they will be able to skillfully use. Recommended

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