Xu Qiang let the spirit of craftsmen to become a conscious pursuit of entrepreneurship

There is a general plan

"13th Five-Year" on 2016, now the provinces are actively seeking development. Artisan spirit is the new hot words of the two sessions, in the end what is the spirit of the craftsman? How can we make "artisan spirit" become the conscious pursuit of the business?

Xu Qiang from the four "line", we can see that the so-called "artisan spirit" of both the technical level of meaning, also thought connotation, is the unity of technology and spirit. The artisan spirit requires excellent technology, this is the premise that no matter what the industry will strive to become a top technology expert, in this field, the so-called "dry" "love" "special" and "fine", that is true, but the 4 words persist, the spirit is consistent from beginning to end. Naturally in it.

however for a long time, extensive production in the pursuit of speed and scale as a result, causes the technology to improve the precision; "supply demand" seller’s market, but also damage the pursuit of the quality of the attitude in the invisible level. To cultivate the spirit of craftsman is still a long way to go, the need for generations of entrepreneurs and engineers, such as relay.

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