Open leisure men’s clothing store selection is very important

a store wants to operate successfully, not only the beginning of a need for a correct location, at the same time, good nature is also very important, so this naturally involves the problem of selected goods shop. In short, if you want to successfully open a casual men’s clothing store, the election is very important.

less than 30 years old Anan already was "an old traveller", living in the city of Shanghai a few years later to Zhuhai, beginning at the port of shopping mall rented a 10 square meters of shops to buy clothes, did not expect good business get out of hand, two expansion within two years, doing booming business.

casual men’s clothing store selection of the most important store layout exquisite

walked into the Anan clothing store, a variety of men’s casual eye, many styles, fashion, the Korean style, as if into Korean actor’s wardrobe. In the shop around, put a total of three racks and two or three lattice shop, racks were placed shirts, T-shirts and pants, plaid shop is placed shoes and parcels. Although the shop is only about 20 square meters, but the clothes are arranged in good order.

said the store Anan, located mainly in the fashion of young people, so the price is relatively high, almost no less than 100 yuan clothes, so pay attention to taste put clothes. If you like to rely on the amount of running to make a profit of the public brand, like a lot of clothes scattered on the desktop, it will give customers the feeling of Amoy goods, grades naturally do not go." Like this fashion has a taste of the shop, the number of clothes placed on the desktop is less, but with a style, so as to attract attention to the fashion consumer groups to look at the store.

shop two years two expansion

Anan said, this shop has opened more than two years, at the beginning only a 10 square meters of standard berth, the main sales of men’s, and later because business is good, after a few months the adjacent shops leased over, after less than a year, the door of the shops also sell women’s rent down, "two shops to buy clothes collocation can, play a combination of boxing, so that guests have more choices."

although the two shops together only about 30 square meters, but the rent is not low, add up to more than $thirty thousand per month. Anan said, rent is so high, in addition to a good location, he came to Zhuhai when the mall is not a lease redundant, he had to sublet others shops, so the price than other shops in a big slice.

although the rent is not low, but the relative profit is still pale into insignificance by comparison. Because the store location is good, the flow of people, goods sold quickly, to purchase one or two times a week, a nearly ten thousand dollars into the goods, and the profits of clothing is very impressive, so it will be in two years time two times

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